Integrity Matters at DXC

At DXC Technology, our people work hard every day to establish and maintain a culture of performance with integrity in all activities, everywhere, at all times.


Together we strive for high integrity and high performance inseparably, firm in our belief that the achievement of one without the other is undesirable and unacceptable. Knowing that integrity matters at DXC — that, indeed, we care as much about how we achieve as what we achieve — reassures our customers, business partners, employees and investors they can be proud of their DXC association and rewarded for the trust they extend us.

For these reasons and more, each of DXC’s board directors and management affirm their personal commitment to our values and a strong culture of integrity. Our Ethics and Compliance program (E&C) deploys globally, reports to the Board through the Risk Office, and is given the resources and authority it needs to be effective. E&C champions DXC’s values, administers the Code of Conduct (Code) and promotes the SpeakUp! DXC program.

Values — DXC’s values  are an important competitive differentiator and intangible driver of our company’s success. They define all we do and who we are; our values are the distinguishing hallmarks of DXC's performance and reputation.

Code — DXC’s Code sets lasting expectations of the commitments we make to each other and our company, to our customers and shareholders, and to the communities in which we live and work.  The Code applies equally to everyone working at, with, or on behalf of DXC.

SpeakUp! DXC — DXC’s values and Code make explicit the expectation that employees and others responsibly seek advice and report misconduct, as appropriate. Indeed, the Code makes clear that questions may be asked and misconduct reported without fear of retaliation or hostility for doing so.  The SpeakUp! DXC program establishes several open, confidential and — as allowable by law — anonymous channels for seeking advice or reporting concerns:

  • Your manager, “skip-level” manager or any other individual in your management chain
  • Human Resources or Legal
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • The SpeakUp! DXC mailbox
  • The OpenLine, DXC’s always available, confidential, anonymous, toll-free and web-enabled advice and reporting channel
  • Internal Audit