CLM Conference 2023

DXC was proud to participate at Claims and Litigation Management Annual Conference 2023


March 29 – 31, 2023


JW Marriott Water Street Hotel, Tampa, Florida

DXC Technology was proud to participate at the annual Claims and Litigation Management CLM conference, March 29-31, 2023, in Tampa, Florida, where the future starts now. Learn about DXC Assure Legal Insights, a new subscription-based holistic solution to litigation reserving, matter budgeting, rate discussions and case outcome analysis.

Engage with DXC experts and discover how DXC can help you control legal expenditures and increase speed and consistency of matter management while providing data and insights for your litigation strategies. We look forward to seeing you there!

Learn more about how DXC Assure Legal can help you maximize your legal dollars by allowing data to drive your business decisions.


Date: Wednesday, March 29 from 4:00 – 4:20 p.m. ET

Location: Ybor Ballroom III, JW F2


  • Ed McCracken – Insurtech Alliance Manager, ISB, DXC Technology
  • Chris Charlton - Claims & Legal Offering Manager, DXC Technology
  • Rich Rzasa - Claims Delivery Manager, DXC Technology

This session focuses on tools to help you effectively manage legal expenses and mitigate future risk. DXC experts will show you how to utilize integral data to gauge where your organization stands compared to industry peers in terms of timekeeper rates, spend, costs, utilization and case outcomes. You will gain a better understanding into costs and learn how to determine whether your spend is on par with other organizations in your market and line of business.  Explore how you can maximize your spend with data that helps drives your business decisions and helps you direct your work to the best firms based on potential outcomes.  

Ed McCracken

Ed McCracken

Insuretech Alliance Manager, ISB
DXC Technology

In this role, Ed assists with identifying, onboarding and managing relationships with ecosystem technology partners, for Insurance Software and BPS platforms.  Ed has also been actively involved in the design and build of the new Legal Insights offering. 

Chris Charlton

Claims & Legal Offering Manager
DXC Technology

Chris Charlton is the Claims and Legal Offering Manager at DXC. Chris is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of Assure Claims, Assure Legal and the Legal Insights tool. A 28-year veteran of the Claims and Legal industry, Chris brings a wealth of experience, including his tenure as a Senior Manager of Application Delivery, managing software delivery and development teams, as well as directing all aspects of product management, from implementation and support to executive client advisory boards and user group communities.”

Rich Rzasa

Claims Delivery Manager
DXC Technology

Richard Rzasa, Esq manages account management for the Assure Legal Product at DXC Technology. Rich has over 25 years of experience with claims tools for companies providing insurance and financial services. In addition to his subject matter expertise in litigation guideline development and associated analytics, Rich has extensive knowledge and experience developing litigation management and insurance software.