AWS re:Invent 2022

Event replays


November 28 – December 2, 2022


Las Vegas, NV

DXC sessions


Monday, November 28



Session Title: How a Fortune 100 firm seamlessly moved from mainframe to AWS

Bill Murphy will share how MassMutual successfully migrated two mission-critical applications to the AWS cloud. By moving the software to the public cloud, the 171-year old insurer achieved its goals to speedily incorporate enhancements and bring new products to market, improve scalability and reliability, and reduce TCO — while extending the value of its original software investment. Join us to learn more about the advantages MassMutual gained from its seamless transition to the cloud using DXC’s software and services, and its expectations for the future as it moves toward migrating >90% of its workloads to AWS.


  • Martin Stamm, Principal Expert Software Architecture and Technical Lead, Continental AG
  • Dr. Michael Knichel, Senior Solution Architect and Account CTO, DXC Technology
  • Peter Braunmüller, Senior Principal Consultant and Offering Lead Analytics, DXC Technology

Session Title: Leading the way to the software-defined vehicle: DXC and Luxoft collaborate with Continental to build a new framework in record time

Continental, a global leader in the future of mobility, selected DXC Technology and AWS as key partners for Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge), a cloud-based automotive services framework for creating transformative vehicle architectures and software.

The panel will discuss how the CAEdge modular hardware and software framework connects vehicles to the cloud, allowing manufacturers and OEMs to develop, test and deploy software, sensor and big data solutions more efficiently and securely. 

You are invited to join the speakers at a Happy Hour following the presentation.


Tuesday, November 29



  • Andrew Wickett, Vice President, Application Modernization 2 Cloud, Micro Focus
  • Stuart McGill, Chief Technology Officer, Micro Focus
  • Murali Inuguru, Global Director, Mainframe Modernization Practice, DXC Technology

Session Title: Mainframe Migration

Ensure your mainframe modernization success with the people DXC goes to for insights. Andrew Wickett and Stuart McGill will explain why some projects fail and others succeed, and how they can help you assess your options, risks, timelines and business case. They’ll help you understand the key considerations when deciding which path (or paths) are right for you and how you can mitigate the risks by providing insight into the process, best practices, what other organizations have done. 


  • Todd Nate, Head of Private Wireless Sales - North America, Nokia
  • John Fremont, Global Head of Experience and Innovation, DXC Technology (Moderator)
  • Joe Mancino, Sales Director, DXC Signal, DXC Technology
  • Russell Duggan-Rees, Global Smart Manufacturing, Chief Technologist Smart Places and Things, DXC Technology

Session Title: Utilizing private networks to achieve digital transformation at scale

The panel will highlight how DXC Signal is helping our customers achieve the connectivity required to make the promise of Industry 4.0 a reality. Asset-intensive industries need industrial-grade wireless networks to transform the way people and machines work together to create safer, more productive and more sustainable processes.

DXC Signal Private LTE and 5G is an enterprise-class private wireless network offering enterprise-level network ownership and control. DXC and Nokia are bringing together the new digital technologies and best digital talent to deliver next-generation solutions that enable experience-based networking. 


  • Brian Fowler, Global Practice Leader, Infrastructure Management Solutions and VMware Practice, DXC Technology
  • James Miller, Vice President and Chief Technologist, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, DXC Technology

Session Title: Accelerate your hybrid cloud strategy with DXC Managed Cloud Services

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) enables customers to consume a true hybrid cloud service. VMC provides a powerful service for customers to accelerate their application modernization and transformation to cloud. DXC Managed Multicloud Services brings this together in an end-to-end hybrid cloud managed service for our customers to accelerate their hybrid cloud strategy. The combination of VMware, AWS and DXC provides the right services at the right place and time to deliver outcomes to customers, using DXC's Cloud Right™ approach.



Wednesday, November 30



  • John Pulford, Director of Manufacturing Technology, Reynolds Consumer Products
  • Andrew Farrell, Global Offering Manager PDM - SPARK, AWS
  • Russell Duggan-Rees, Chief Technologist Smart Manufacturing, DXC Technology

Session Title: Accelerate IoT innovation with Reynolds Consumer Products and DXC Technology

The AWS GSI Solutions and Strategy team helps AWS Partners innovate, build, and go to market with solutions. Join this session to hear how current and future partners can innovate with AWS to solve industry-specific business outcomes. DXC Technology and Reynolds Consumer Products share how DXC is helping Reynolds to accelerate their ability to optimize business processes. In this customer-led session, learn about DXC’s journey with AWS to build a consumer packaged goods IoT solution with an environmental control accelerator for Reynolds.


  • James Makishima, Chief Product Officer, MOTER 
  • Craig Lozofsky, Chief Operating Officer, MOTER

Session Title: Delivering a scalable edge-computing platform for the connected car and auto insurance

James Makishima and Craig Lozofsky will discuss the development — and demonstrate real-world use — of a prototype edge-computing solution to provide an efficient data-commercialization and services platform. This platform, developed through a partnership of Luxoft, AWS, NXP and MOTER, turns next-gen connected car data into valuable driving-behavior insights and collision analytics.

Topic: Hybrid and Multicloud Strategies


  • Chris Ritchie, VP, North America, Foundry (Moderator)
  • Rob Shear, Principal Global Chief Technologist, Dell Technologies
  • James Miller, VP and Chief Technologist, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, DXC Technology
  • Ashish Dhawan, Director, Global Sales & GTM VMC, AWS
  • JP Nugent, Director, Global Technical Alliance, VMware

Join Dell Technologies and DXC for a discussion about the customer’s journey to building a resilient IT infrastructure that embraces modern multicloud technologies, while maintaining a secure and flexible roadmap that supports both current and future needs.

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