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Auto Accelerate 2022

DXC is proud to be a speaker at the first annual Auto Accelerate 2022


September 12 – 15, 2022


Boston, MA

DXC Technology is proud to partner with AWS in autonomous driving technology, and look forward to sharing our point of view together at Auto Accelerate 2022.

DXC Technology and AWS have established a global alliance as preferred partners to support autonomous driving development more effectively. Our joint solution, DXC Robotic Drive Cloud Services on AWS, delivers best-in-class services and software components for global automotive manufacturers, including Continental.

Learn more about DXC Automotive and our partnership with AWS.



Date: Tuesday, September 13, 9:00 – 9:50 a.m. ET

  • Martin Eichhorn, Strategist – Automotive, DXC Technology
  • Dr. Max Böhm, Senior Solutions Architect, Distinguished Engineer, DXC Technology

This session will give concrete examples of how development workflows can be automated based on large volumes of data. The approach uses the combined capabilities of DXC and AWS to build processes, methods and tools for integrated processes with end-to-end automation that can be scaled to a true data-driven development platform.

Date: Wednesday, September 14, Noon ET

  • Srijani Dey, Chief Data and Analytics Officer and Distinguished Technologist, DXC Technology
  • Wendy Bauer, AWS
  • Janice Casagrande, Ansys
  • Suzanne Kopcha, Siemens
  • Ashika Schroll, AWS (Moderator)

With the increased role of innovation and sustainability in the automotive transition, what will the future automotive organization have to look like to enable this change? What are key drivers to accelerate innovation and build a more resilient workforce?


Srijani Dey
Chief Data and Analytics Officer and Distinguished Technologist, DXC Technology
Martin Eichhorn
Strategist – Automotive, DXC Technology
Dr. Max Böhm
Senior Solutions Architect and Distinguished Engineer, DXC Technology
row of cars with sensor symbol on their rear window

DXC and Luxoft collaborate with Continental

Continental selected DXC and Luxoft as key partners for CAEdge, a cloud-based automotive services framework for creating transformative vehicle architectures and software.

Addressing the autonomous vehicle data problem

A global automotive manufacturer tackles the autonomous mobility data problem for self-driving cars with DXC data engineering, analytics and machine learning.
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Accelerate autonomous driving development with the Robotic Drive Innovation Lab

The development of autonomous driving is transforming the global automotive industry — cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles are about to become digital transportation platforms.
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Data-driven development for autonomous driving with DXC Robotic Drive Cloud

Autonomous driving functions require managing and automatically processing huge amounts of data. DXC Robotic Drive Cloud leverages AWS cloud services for elastic compute and storage.