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Scale and Scope: Insurance Implications and Imperatives

Join DXC for a webinar with ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni to explore these issues


October 20, 2022 Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT



In this webinar ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni will present key findings from the company's research study of the world’s 200 largest carriers, focusing on historical performance, corresponding strategies and winning tactics. Carriers were segmented by geographic focus and assessed in the context of growth and value.

ACORD's study finds that few multinational insurance carriers are able to deliver above-average financial performance. Moreover, scale economies are difficult to achieve and sustain. In contrast, relatively smaller national and regionally-focused carriers deliver, on average, superior financial outcomes. 

You'll gain insight into the following issues:

• In the absence of scale or scope economies, what are the key performance drivers among high-performing multinational carriers?

• How can all carriers, regardless of size or geographic focus, leverage high performance success factors?  

• What are the strategic and tactical execution imperatives for multinational carriers seeking to achieve superior performance?

The webinar will take place during ACORD Industry First, a virtual event sponsored by DXC Technology, on Thursday, October 20.

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