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View of Ottawa city buildings and Rideau canal from Mackenzie King bridge during sunset

AccelerateGOV 2022

DXC is proud to be a Knowledge Partner sponsor of AccelerateGOV 2022


October 5, 2022


Ottawa, ON


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Join us at AccelerateGOV 2022, where we will participate alongside public service leaders from around the world to explore how public servants can best promote digitalization and transformation. Visit us in the Exhibit Lounge

At the event, hosted by the Global Government Forum, we will showcase DXC offerings for the public sector market and how we provide:

  • Excellence in technology in operations and de-risking the technical landscape
  • Simplicity and trust in digitally-driven, data-enabled services
  • Help to the Government of Canada with governing frameworks and policies designed for a modern, secure and privacy-centric digital government
  • Help to the Government of Canada to maintain an optimized, skilled and empowered workforce and pool of talent

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  • Srinivas Kompella, Vice President, Americas Data & Analytics, DXC Technology
  • Other panelists (see the agenda)

Governments today can access huge volumes of data generated by public, private and voluntary bodies; this can be used to improve decision-making, service delivery and the tools available to public servants. But to fulfill that potential, public service leaders need both advanced data skills and systems, and the ideas and support of staff across the workforce. Drawing on Canada’s Public Sector Data Challenge program, this session will explore how governments can tap into the expertise and experience of their workforces to realize the opportunities around better use of data.


Srinivas Kompella
Vice President, Americas Data & Analytics, DXC Technology

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