This Everest Group report assessed 20 L&P insurance BPS/TPA providers based on their vision, capabilities and market impact, and categorized them as Leaders, Major Contributors or Aspirants. DXC was one of only five Leaders, a position the company has held for the past 7 years when the report launched.

The report acknowledged DXC’s position in the L&P insurance market with its highest designated category, noting the following:

  • DXC has reaffirmed its commitment to the L&P space through its strategic BPS focus - leveraging its differentiated ownership of the technology stack, and especially its policy administration platforms.
  • DXC has augmented its platform-led approach and is aggressively taking its DXC Assure for Life and Wealth platform to the market, especially for new (policy) blocks and new product launches and is experiencing good deal momentum. Additionally, DXC Assure’s integration with both proprietary and partner/insurtech solutions – further strengthens this value proposition.
  • DXC has firmed up its presence for new/active blocks, while simultaneously focusing on large closed-block deals where it already holds significant experience and has invested in modernizing conversion methodologies.
  • DXC has expanded its North American footprint through strategic wins in Canada.

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