In its newly released Mainframe Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 report, Everest Group examined 17 providers, ranking them based on their impact in the market, and their vision and capabilities. Market impact measures market adoption, portfolio mix and value delivered. Vision and capability measures vision and strategy, scope of services offered, innovation and investments, and delivery footprint.  

DXC Technology was named as a Leader by Everest, which cited strengths including its approach to partial application migrations and its expertise in managing mainframe workloads. Additionally, DXC earned recognition as a Star Performer, a title that is conferred on providers that demonstrate the most improvement over time on the Peak Matrix®.

"Enterprises have appreciated DXC Technology’s client-centric approach and technical prowess in managing mainframe operations. These factors have contributed to its positioning as a Leader and Star Performer on Everest Group’s Mainframe Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024," according to Zachariah Chirayil, Practice Director, Everest Group.

The Everest report says that distinguishing features of DXC's market impact in 2024 include:

  • Its co-innovation with partners to provide mainframe services to clients and enhanced market mindshare through joining Go-to-Market (GTM) activities
  • Strong YoY growth in mainframe services revenue.

Distinguishing features of DXC's capability enhancements in 2024, according to Everest, include:

  •  A strong focus on strengthening mainframe services delivery and forging strong client relationships
  • A strong focus on robust mainframe IPs and solutions augmented with next-generation capabilities and automation

Other factors contributing to DXC's recognition as a Leader and Star Performer include Its Quick Transformation Engine (QTE), an automatic code coversion tool, to help enterprises with application portfolio transformation to the AWS cloud, ensuring functional equivalency.

DXC points to additional value regarding the mainframe services that Everest called out in its report:

  • Our Platform X solution enables intelligent automation and self-healing IT.
  • Our robust partner network supports our work to deliver at scale and further provides customers with tailored solutions.
  • Our suite of IPs and solutions are backed by skilled teams who serve our customers globally.

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