DXC Technology has been recognized as a leading player in the ISG Provider Lens™ June 2023 report for Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services, Managed Services. DXC is one of the few assessed providers to be identified as a Leader in almost all geographies. 

The research firm cites DXC strengths across regions that include:

  • US (large accounts): Significant infrastructure management capabilities, a focus on next-generation technologies and a robust partner ecosystem 
  • UK (large accounts): Managed container services, hyperscaler partnerships and improved power and network utilization 
  • Australia: Mature partner ecosystem relationships and heavy lifting of enterprise infrastructure 
  • France (large accounts): Global service platform, broad ecosystem and more infrastructure choices
  • Netherlands: Automation and AI, hyperscaler partnerships and edge computing capabilities
  • Singapore and Malaysia: Cybersecurity, mature partner relationships and heavy lift of enterprise infrastructure

Key provider capabilities

"DXC has extensive experience in managing on-premises infrastructure for Fortune 500 enterprises globally, with many certified professionals managing on-premises and hybrid cloud environments for clients," the report states. "The company has a strong presence worldwide with major footprints in North America, Western Europe, APAC and ANZ, and its global cloud delivery model includes onshore and offshore locations."

It also points to DXC's strong partnerships with industry-leading infrastructure vendors, such as VMware, IBM, Cisco and HPE, and public cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, that enhance its ability to develop client-centric solutions.

ISG calls out DXC's ability to leverage its Platform X™ technology to support hybrid cloud infrastructures globally. "It has created a strong cloud and infrastructure platform with self-diagnosing and self-healing capabilities and has the expertise to deliver edge, mainframes and cloud-native solutions," the report reads. "The provider has extensive experience in delivering software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure solutions; managing mainframes; and implementing edge computing strategies. To deliver advanced infrastructure services, it focuses on next-gen technologies that include AI, ML and cognitive capabilities, especially for automating management. Also, the platform provides data-driven insights for AIOps, FinOps, DevSecOps and SRE, enabling clients to take informed decisions. The company takes a holistic approach to IT infrastructure asset management, offering customized support to customers."

"DXC Technology offers strong cloud and infrastructure services that include self-diagnosing and self-healing capabilities. The company has heavily invested in AI and ML technologies to automate processes and improve its managed hybrid cloud services that enable it to provide operational and cost efficiency to clients."

— Shashank Rajmane, ISG principal analyst

The report states that "DXC’s comprehensive managed services include design, build, test migration, data center infrastructure, application discovery and automated migration."  It notes that clients have rated DXC well above the industry average for its infrastructure services.  

Acknowledging DXC's certified workforce for managing customers’ on-premises, private and hybrid cloud environments, ISG notes that its services include "the expertise of specialists across technologies and platforms, robust delivery and 24/7 support, globally, covering all day-to-day infrastructure processes. It helps clients achieve cost efficiency and has enabled savings of up to 20 percent on infrastructure expenditures."

Archetype matches 

The ISG Provider Lens™ Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services Archetype report summarizes the relative capabilities of 29 private/hybrid cloud and data center service providers and their ability to address the requirements of four typical, frequently encountered categories of enterprise buyers (“archetypes”).

DXC is the only service provider assessed by ISG as a Leader for three buyer archetypes:

The Archetypes used in the reports are based on ISG's most current market knowledge regarding prevalent buy-side goals, resources, initiatives and requirements. Archetype details include:

  • Traditional archetype—prefers having substantial control over their IT organization
  • Managed services archetype—open to transferring additional responsibility to service providers
  • Transformational archetype—plans to transform their current IT setup into hybrid cloud environments

ISG also considers DXC as Noteworthy for Pioneering archetype, a class defined by a focus on strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing business processes.