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Reframing technical debt

Re-envisioning and repositioning technical debt are requirements for modernisation, for improving your organisation's ability to adapt to change.

A DXC global survey of 750 C-suite information and technology executives, and the DXC Applications Intelligence Engine, reveal these impressive data points:

of executives say that tech debt is on their corporate risk register
of executives say tech debt is closely linked to their ability to pursue digital initiatives
cost savings from tech debt reduction
improving operating margins is the top desired outcome of reducing tech debt

DXC Technology is helping IT and business leaders address the issues that organisations confront as they seek to minimise tech debt and maximise innovation. Here you'll find resources to help you make the shift from tech debt to organisational debt and achieve the ultimate business objective — modernisation.

  • A research-rich report about moving from technical debt to growth
  • An IDC podcast series equipping stakeholders with the knowledge, tactics and tools they need
  • A guide to dealing with tech debt and preparing for modernisation 

A landmark research report

In 2023, DXC asked 750 executives about a challenge that’s preventing them from shaping the future: technical debt. This report discusses how leadership teams can understand and reframe tech debt from a problem that needs to be solved to something that needs to be tackled as part of modernisation efforts. The work encompasses uniting CIOs and CTOs with their counterparts across the enterprise, and addressing organisational architecture and performance management.  

Outlook on technical debt

IDC podcast series

DXC experts discuss how tech debt can constrain an organisation’s growth; how to improve the quality and timeliness of data-driven decision-making; and how to use advanced business strategies to extract maximum value from enterprise data assets.

Business summary research highlights

DXC provides a view into key results of its research, delivering quick insights into the technical debt challenges that are preventing executives from shaping the future, and how to move forward.

More about re-examining technical debt

How to get started

This guide provides practical advice for organisations just beginning the journey to addressing tech debt. It will help executives understand the difference between tolerable and toxic tech debt, and better grasp their role in managing both.

News release

Nearly half of surveyed executives told us that technical debt inhibits their ability to innovate and grow. Costs can be measured in billions of dollars, lowered productivity, increased security risk and talent loss, and can ultimately impact the bottom line.

Thinking differently about technical debt

“Sometimes the spread of tech debt across the organisation makes it hard for leaders to step outside of their team view, and this is where a neutral third party can provide a holistic view that lets leaders consider a new perspective.”

Michael Corcoran, General Manager, Analytics & Engineering, DXC Technology

Customer experiences with modernisation

Vodafone Germany modernises customer service and transitions to the cloud

In pursuit of reducing technical debt, reinvigorating speed and enhancing flexibility, Vodafone Germany sought to modernise its homegrown customer care and billing system by transitioning from legacy midrange servers to the cloud.

Manchester United and DXC: From pitch to pixels – our digital transformation partnership

Discover how Manchester United, the English Premier League football club, is working with DXC on its digital transformation, critical application management and data strategy.
Frucor customer story

Beverages manufacturer establishes platform for future digital transformation

Frucor Suntory streamlines business operations accelerating modernisation projects across supply chain, sales and finance processes.

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