AWS webinar: Leveraging data-driven insights to drive growth in banking

Join the virtual event hosted by DXC, in partnership with AWS.


Thursday 26 January, 13.00 GMT / 14.00 CET


Virtual - Webinar

Many financial services institutes are wondering how they can create a single customer view (SCV) to gain easy access to information from the number of accounts a member has, when they last were in touch with customer services, whether they made a complaint, and more.

Financial services companies must provide more personalised services, deliver customer insights, customise offers, and launch, improve, and maximise loyalty programs. They must also understand how to maximise sales campaigns to stay competitive in the market.

With so much disconnected data, legacy systems, and data quality, many financial services companies are struggling to create a single view of their customers. Is this what you are also experiencing and what does that mean to you?

How can a SCV be applied across different customer touchpoints to realise its true potential, and how can financial services companies then process that data to create unique user insights?

Join DXC and AWS in an interactive online event about searching for what it means to have a SCV for a financial services institute?

Why should people join?

  • Gain insights about how DXC and AWS provide a solution to challenges faced by financial services of having access to reliable customer data
  • Understand how banks and other financial services can take an advantage of real-time information from customers to deliver valuable experiences, in the exact micro-moment the members require those experiences
  • To gain an understanding about potential options on how to approach the challenge of accessing and leveraging customer data, both from a technical and business perspective

Who should attend:

  • Suitable for financial services professionals who are:
  • In charge of managing data and cloud
  • Responsible for data governance
  • Take ownership in customer data
  • Leading data management and digitalisation initiative
  • In charge of defining a data strategy (i.e., Executives)
  • Leading reporting and compliance activities
  • Charge of decision-making atomisation (i.e., Risk Managers) 


Host and panelists:


Nav Singh, Head of Marketing (EMEA), Banking and Capital Markets, DXC Technology


  • Basia Szumska Hare, CX / Modern Contact Centre Lead (EMEA), DXC Technology
  • Emre Kayaarma, Vice President, Analytics and Engineering EMEA at DXC Technology
  • Dennis Parker, EMEA Partner Lead (Amazon Connect), Partner Service Acceleration, AWS
  • Addy Dubhashi, EMEA Partner Lead for Financial Services, AWS