Driving Digital Transformation for Financial Services with Observability and App Modernization

Thank you for joining the virtual event to learn how to achieve operational resilience with shift-left powered by Dynatrace and DXC. 


September 7, 13.00 BST


Virtual - Webinar

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In an increasingly complex digital world, financial services organizations – from retail banks to building societies – are investing in emerging technologies and application modernization to successfully deliver on the promise of tomorrow’s technology.

Poor reliability of an observability platform can end up costing companies in several ways; Business can grind to a halt, engineers get burned out, troubleshooting takes too long, and customers switch to competitors after a bad experience.

So how does an organization provide the best environment, deliver an exception experience, while optimizing costs and time? With an observability solution that provides all the tools and processes you need for successful digital transformation.

We’ve brought together some of best experts from Dynatrace and DXC to delve into how to successfully deliver your transformation strategy with observability, shift-left, and application modernization. More specifically, the panel will discuss:

  • Best practices to consider when developing your transformation strategy including shift-left, shift-right, and application security
  • Real-world examples with practical insights into how Dynatrace and DXC have helped overcome similar challenges
  • How Dynatrace and DXC are working together to deliver exceptional digital experiences for financial services organizations and their end users

The event will be concluded with a 15-minute Q&A session, so be sure to come with your questions at the ready!

Learn from real-world examples and gain practical insights from industry experts who have successfully harnessed the power of observability to overcome their challenges.


Host and Panelists


Nav Singh, Head of Marketing (EMEA), Banking and Capital Markets, DXC Technology


Mike Ambler, EMEA Director, Application Services, DXC Technology

Yvette Wise, Director, Banking and Capital Markets, DXC Technology

Martin Bradbury, Regional Director – Financial Services UKI, Dynatrace