Decarbonized energy system

Are we prepared for the massification of green energy?


20 Sept 2023, 12.00 BST / 13.00 CET


Virtual - Webinar

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DXC Technology, along with its strategic customers and partners, invite you to a series of four 60-minute roundtable webinars to explore disruptive topics that provide insights into the future of energy. The webinars will cover areas such as digitalized energy system balancing, customer engagement, storage technologies, and necessary support infrastructures and platforms.

In this first webinar, the panel will discuss the topic of "massification and grid balancing” and explore how we can establish a global regulatory framework, organizational structure, and engineering design that enables digital solutions to economically facilitate the balancing of the energy system. Specifically, they will focus on promoting peak shaving, customer engagement, decentralized storage, and vehicle-to-grid technologies, aiming to enhance grid stability and efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  • How does the energy industry need to change to achieve Net Zero? Which are the main challenges? Can we onboard the final consumers and the management of millions of pieces equipment?
  • How can we get to several hundreds of gigawatts of peak shaving or storage capacity in Europe by 2030/40?
  • Will we shape the demand, the production (storage) or both?
  • Will digital be an asset or not?


Hosts and Panelists


DXC: Roderick John Morgan, Consulting Lead for Sustainability, Europe


Khaled Popal
Managing Partner and Head of Energy, Europe. DXC