DXC Government Affairs


DXC Technology’s Government Affairs function, resident in the company’s Office of the Chief Risk Officer, engages in public policy activities aligned with its business objectives. The function plays a strategic support role in the development and growth of DXC’s public sector and other businesses, in efforts to influence legislation and regulation, in the management of regional and local risks and opportunities, and in efforts to preserve DXC’s reputation as a reliable partner and accountable employer.

In keeping with DXC’s Code of Conduct, DXC pursues its public policy agenda in strict accordance with the law and its global Government Affairs policy which, among other things, establishes clear governance for Lobbying, Political Contributions and Contact with Government Officials.


Lobbying — DXC’s Government Affairs policy establishes the following requirements:

  • All DXC lobbyists shall be approved by the EVP, Chief Risk Officer.
  • All DXC lobbyists shall be subject in advance to an integrity review and screened in for conflicts of interest.
  • All DXC lobbyists shall maintain appropriate business records of their lobbying activities and report them to DXC.
  • DXC shall comply with all regulatory and statutory lobbying disclosure obligations.

Political contributions — DXC’s Government Affairs policy establishes the following requirements:

  • DXC, its board members and employees shall comply with all U.S. federal and state and local government laws that restrict or seek to create transparency around political contributions by corporations and their personnel.
  • As allowable by law, DXC or its executives may make contributions to state candidates and to state and local government ballot measures, PACs and political party committees.  All such contributions shall comply with DXC’s pre-authorization and reporting requirements through the Chief Risk Officer.

Contact with government officials — DXC’s Government Affairs policy makes clear with the following statements DXC’s zero tolerance stance on corruption:

  • DXC does not make or take kickbacks or bribes to or from anyone to obtain, retain, or direct business, or to secure any other business advantage — nor does DXC permit any other person or entity to do so on its behalf — at any time or in any circumstance.
  • No one shall ever use un-reimbursed personal funds to circumvent these prohibitions.