Security may once have been the leading inhibitor to cloud adoption, but times are changing. Today, companies are embracing cloud to benefit from the security that it can provide in increasingly complex IT ecosystems.

The cloud presents an opportunity for CEOs — answerable to boards of directors and regulators for compliance and risk — to leverage a shared responsibility model and have a partner in accountability. The stakes are high, as there is increasing acknowledgment that maintaining IT security is really about protecting a company’s brand and preserving trusted relationships with customers, said Gary Meshell, worldwide leader of cyber security global system integration partners at AWS, in a recent CIO webinar.  

Business leaders’ focus is moving to readiness, responsiveness and management of breaches. It’s critical that leaders be able to tap into expertise to control risk — importantly, at the industry, compliance and regulatory level — in order to augment the security foundations laid down by cloud providers.

This is a tall order. The baseline knowledge that’s required to marshal the tremendous capability that exists in public clouds like AWS, and then deploy it effectively to produce a single view of where risk lies across complex environments, is significant. An AWS Solution Provider and Premier Consulting Partner, DXC Technology leverages AWS’ key security building blocks and pieces them together in the right way to produce what Mark Hughes, president of Security at DXC, described on the webinar as “net positive risk outcome.”  

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