HRMP 223: Use of Electronic Communication Media

It is the policy of DXC to ensure that DXC owned, leased, or sponsored electronic communication media, as well as all supporting systems and all data stored or transmitted on them are utilized in a professional, legal and responsible manner, with all proper security measures for the conduct of DXC business. To ensure the security of DXC networks, network traffic and all electronic communications to or from any DXC network or on any DXC equipment are subject to inspection and monitoring to prevent, detect, remediate and assess potential attacks on or infections of DXC networks , equipment and data and to assure compliance with DXC policies. All use of DXC’s electronic communication media shall be in strict accordance with all provisions of this Policy. Each User’s logging into or use of DXC property or data or that of DXC’s customers constitutes the User’s consent to monitoring and inspection by automated means and otherwise.

This policy applies to all employees, subcontractors, consultants, business partners, vendors, guests or others who utilize DXC’s electronic communication media, DXC tools and/or computing equipment, or access DXC networks and or DXC data (herein collectively referred to as “Users”).

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