Automate and simplify payroll processes

DXC’s Cloud Payroll Solution for SAP SuccessFactors helps organisations overcome common payroll pain points, and removes the need to run costly, disparate HR systems.

More than just a payroll solution, we leverage SAP SuccessFactors to optimise the full employee lifecycle, automate critical processes whilst ensuring payroll compliance.

Watch the video to learn more on how typical payroll problems are solved.

Payroll pain points addressed

Running disparate and non-integrated HR payroll solutions can hamper payroll efficiency and accuracy. This system proliferation can create complex workflows, which impact employee confidence due to execution delays and processing errors.

A poor payroll user experience can often lead to a lack of employee trust. Complex workflows and convoluted user interface design add to employee frustration, increasing administration and support costs.

Simple, automated, actionable

With our solution payroll processing is simplified with more intelligent workflows including off-cycle and retroactive payroll. It increases the speed of execution by running automated payroll processes and solves problems with on-time corrective measures. Manual work is dramatically reduced and errors minimised

The solution also collects real-time insights into payroll relevant data, allowing your organisation to leverage actionable payroll advice based on real insights, key statistics and pro-active payroll alerts. There is no need to run reports because up-to-date data is instantly available and monitored

Global payroll best practices

DXC’s Cloud Payroll Solution for SAP SuccessFactors combines HR administration, time and attendance management and organisational data management with best practice payroll processes to solve common payroll problems and improve employee engagement across multiple geographies.

Designed to enable individualised end-to-end experiences and offer powerful capabilities to monitor, manage and optimise key moments in the employee journey. The solution provides an open platform that allows organisations to build or integrate innovative apps to connect HR to the broader business and offer automated compliance with both global and local regulations available.

Benefits of DXC's Cloud Payroll Solution for SAP SuccessFactors

Improve user engagement

Enhance the user experience with simple, standardised processes across HR, payroll, time management, compensation, benefits and administration.

Achieve operational and cost efficiencies

Reduce HR costs by consolidating payroll cycles on a single cloud platform.

SaaS delivery model

Solution deployed through configuration, not development, so up and running in weeks. A holistic cloud-based platform ensures low total cost of ownership. 

Data management

Analytics provide a consolidated and comprehensive HR data view to allow strategic and prompt business decisions.

Payroll management

New-hire information is automatically transposed into the payroll system for one source of truth and processing efficiencies.


Reduce risks and meet compliance requirements with fully auditable date time stamp tracking and localised best practices.