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DXC Enterprise Applications Services Practices

When our customers want to transform their business, they turn to us, for trusted solutions and advice with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, ServiceNow and Salesforce.

When our customers want to transform, they turn to DXC Enterprise Applications Services Practices. 

We develop, integrate, implement and manage enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, ServiceNow and Salesforce.   ​​
Our customer engagement is based on the important focus areas that we know drive sustainable business improvement and maximise application value.​ These guiding principles transcend individual technologies and help us to rethink enterprise applications and deliver services and solutions that simplify, modernise, accelerate and reimagine your business transformation.  

1000+ professional Enterprise Applications resources across the APAC region
500+ cloud Enterprise Applications Services customers across the APAC region
Highly awarded locally and globally by our strategic Partners


DXC Practice for Microsoft

Microsoft practice, delivering services and solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure. 

DXC Practice for SAP

SAP practice, helping to identify opportunity, guide and accelerate business transformation and revolutionise the way you consume SAP.

DXC Practice for Oracle

Specialist Oracle practice, keeping your systems stable, secure and performing optimally while adding value through strategic innovation.

DXC Practice for ServiceNow

ServiceNow practice, helping accelerate your digital transformation with the ServiceNow platform, supported by our exclusive IP and methodologies

DXC Practice for Salesforce

Creating innovative solutions that deliver an integrated customer, partner and employee experience for our clients.

DXC Connect

Agile systems integrator, specialising in the design, implementation and support of custom networking, infrastructure and collaboration solutions.

Learnings from Leaders: Modernise to outsmart uncertainty in 2023

Digital Transformation’ has been the corporate buzzword for much of the last decade. But in the past two years, many organisations have had to rapidly accelerate their transformation strategies to ensure business continuity and retain relevancy during this period of social, business, and economic disruption.

We spoke to the DXC Enterprise Applications Practices leaders for insights into how organisations are leveraging advanced technology and data to navigate disruption, strengthen resiliency, and outsmart uncertainty in 2023.

Westpac Customer Story

Banking and Capital Markets


Standardising the existing technology stack enables information to flow more freely between systems ensuring easier access to data for both customers and employees.
NXP customer story

Consumer and Retail


Product sourcing and distribution company is now ready to pursue digital transformation initiatives having moved key IT infrastructure to the cloud.
Manuka Health customer story

Consumer and Retail

Manuka Health

Manual spreadsheet-based budgeting, planning and reporting environment replaced with a fully integrated and systemised approach.