Technology, Media and Entertainment, Telecommunications

Redefine the customer experience, capitalise on digital convergence and quickly launch new business models in rapidly changing markets.

Technology, Media and Entertainment, and Telecommunications companies face intense pressure to stay ahead of the competition to offer best-in-class products and customer experiences. The always-on consumer, lightning-fast production cycles and constant disruption mean companies need to adapt quickly.

DXC’s innovative solutions are helping companies across the globe accelerate their business transformation journeys.

“We didn’t just want a vendor to implement ServiceNow and walk away. That’s where DXC excelled - we wanted added value through ongoing managed services and the ability to sustain a long-term relationship to support us through our journey beyond implementation.”

Robert Parlane 
Technology Support Supervisor

Services and offerings

Business Process Outsourcing

Transform customer experience and gain efficiencies with digital agent services and data-driven insights from DXC's hybrid, digital-first contact center operations. 

Analytics and Engineering

Discover data-driven insights and deploy complex software engineering at scale to accelerate transformation.


Improve speed and agility with the data insights to anticipate and respond to market needs while enhancing  employee and customer experience  through modernised applications.


Stay ahead of adversaries by building resilience and becoming secure to the core with DXC’s cyber defense, data protection and a secure infrastructure.


Securely migrate, modernise and build new applications in the cloud. Achieve faster delivery times, lower costs and improved productivity while tapping into new data and insights. 

IT Outsourcing

Reliable, optimised and secure mission-critical systems at lower cost. We manage and simplify your existing infrastructure investments and provide a way forward to modernise IT.

Modern Workplace

Provide a more consumer-like, modern workplace experience leveraging DXC's work from anywhere solutions with the ability to rapidly deploy, secure and scale to support evolving business needs.