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Cloud Advisory and Migration Services

Leverage cloud and infrastructure to power business growth.

Chart a safe path to your future state

Technology evolves at a rapid pace. You may be able to envision the target state for your IT environment, but not necessarily how to get there.

DXC Technology understands how to prioritise the IT environment to meet your business goals. We have the track record, skills and experience to help you avoid costly mistakes, which can make the difference between realising a return on your investments and accumulating more technology debt.

With deep experience and expertise in IT transformation and modernisation across multiple industries, DXC Cloud Advisory and Migration services provide a business case for IT investments and a tailored plan for migration, and optimisation to enable successful transformation and modernisation for an IT foundation that fuels business growth.

DXC is one of the few providers that can manage complex cloud transitions and deliver services that integrate public cloud with the enterprise.

65,000+ workloads migrated to cloud every year

14,000+ applications modernised and migrated to cloud every year

200+ ecosystem partners, 38,100+ partner-certified employees and 33+ partner awards

Take your IT estate to its future state

As a proven partner for IT transformation and modernisation, DXC Cloud Advisory and Migration services assess the financial, technical, operational and talent constraints that may be holding you back from effective change. We provide careful planning, extensive testing and a standard framework as a guide, ensuring you move to Cloud Right™ by making the right investments at the right time and on the right platforms for successful IT modernisation and cloud transformation.

With a plan in place, our migration services provide the ability to flexibly rationalise, modernise and optimise mission-critical applications, portfolio and the IT estate. Migrate applications to public cloud or modernise in place. Evolve your enterprise environment to adopt continuous deployment platforms and cloud-native practices.

Doing Cloud Right for your business

The right partner for transformation and IT modernisation will do Cloud Right for your business. We understand the way mission-critical IT works because we manage IT environments for more than a quarter of world’s 100 largest companies. We have modernised hundreds of mainframe systems and transform 65,000+ workloads and 14,000+ applications to cloud environments every year. With cloud-enabled data insights, our customers have increased innovation and reduced time to market by more than 50 percent.

“DXC’s support has led to increased scalability, improved ability to offer on-demand application management and hosting services, and an enhanced environment to support new ways of working, including DevOps and containerisation. DXC is a key part of our IT modernisation program.”

Jon Hallam
VP of OnDemand Services


Cloud Advisory

Leverage our combination of precision-guided modernisation, providing enterprises with the insight to move to Cloud Right by making the right decisions at the right time and on the right platforms for successful IT modernisation and accelerated cloud transformation.

Migration Services

Expert services to rehost, replatform or rearchitect servers, applications, and databases to public, private or hybrid clouds. Our proven, scalable methodology ensures transformation and migration happens on time and within budget.



This leading specialty chemicals manufacturer needed faster access to data across its global organization and modernized systems that could take full advantage of cloud.



A leading manufacturing company Alstom maintained its innovation edge by modernizing in cloud the right way..


Leading Insurer

This leading insurer lowered the cost of managing annuities and introduced digital services to customers by moving from mainframe to DXC insurance platform on AWS.

Forbes: Modernize legacy IT to get to Cloud Right

In this Forbes article, DXC's Vinod Bagal shares how four leading companies migrated with cloud-native applications, mainframe modernization, containerization and secure digital transformation.
Let's do cloud right

Maximize business impact by doing Cloud Right

Cloud Right helps you make the right technology investments at the right time and on the right platforms. By maximizing the impact, you can drive innovation, increase customer loyalty and grow your business.
Let's do cloud right

It’s time to do Cloud Right

Yes, you should have moved to public cloud years ago, but you didn't. DXC senior researcher Simon Wardley makes the case for getting it right.

Partners and key collaborators

Amazon Web Services

Modernise, accelerate migrations and create cloud value with DXC and AWS.

Google Cloud

Innovate at scale with an agile, secure cloud platform 


Achieve tangible business results with a modernised workplace and applications in an interconnected cloud.