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Environmental, Social and Governance

With a focus on our customers, people, and communities, we are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices that contribute to a better world.

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Creating a sustainable future

Our environmental targets

DXC Technology has set ambitious targets for reducing our energy consumption, lowering our greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking our IT asset waste. We also help our customers increase their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impacts with next-generation solutions such as cloud computing, desktop virtualisation and data center management.

Customer experience

Organisations around the world turn to DXC Technology for help in meeting their most important corporate responsibility goals. Working with us, they’ve responded rapidly to the COVID-19 crisis, helped consumers shrink their carbon footprint and improved the environment.

Community and people impact

At DXC, we value our society, our people and the communities in which we live and work. To help them, we’re engaged in numerous efforts and projects.
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions reduction since FY19 baseline
energy consumption reduction since FY19 baseline
of electricity procured from renewable sources
reduction in water consumption since FY19 baseline
of e-waste is recycled or re-used
Less carbon, more renewable energy

DXC is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and that of our customers, too. To get there, we’re lowering our energy usage and shifting to energy from renewable sources.

Circular economy and water

At DXC, we’ve prioritised the elimination of waste and the continual use of our resources. We reuse equipment, scale flexible solutions and services, and reduce our e-waste. We’re also transforming how we manage IT asset disposal, general waste and water.

Responsible supply chain

Suppliers are integral to DXC’s corporate responsibility strategy. We work closely with our suppliers to protect employee rights, enforce labor standards, fight corruption, protect the environment, and promote diversity and inclusion. 

Climate risk

At DXC, we’re identifying our own climate risk and taking concrete steps to lower it. We integrate climate-related issues into companywide risk identification, assessment and management processes.

Featured stories

Bayernwerk AG – Shrinking the carbon footprint

The utility, which provides electricity, gas and water across southern Germany, has set high-priority targets around sustainability and environmental protection. To help meet these goals, the utility and DXC created an Energy Portal. This digital platform makes data more easily accessible to administrators of the municipalities Bayernwerk serves. It also provides a single source for advanced analytics, which the utility’s customers can use to shrink their carbon footprint and meet their green energy goals.

I need to meet my organisation’s sustainability goals

Belgium’s capital city is cleaning its air with a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in which high-polluting vehicles are prohibited. DXC helps Brussels to enforce the rule with 200 strategically placed cameras equipped with image-recognition software. This software, by connecting to a database of some 430,000 vehicles, recognises any high-polluting vehicle that enters the LEZ. The system then sends this information to city tax officials, who decide whether the driver merits a fine of up to €350.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity is reflected in our inclusive environment that embraces many cultures, backgrounds, values, and ideas offered by our global workforce.

DXC Cares

Read more about numerous efforts and projects we’re engaged in.

Mission and Values

Our values drive our people and impact our customers and communities.