DXC Digital Futures Program

Increasing access to technology for communities in need and reducing e-waste for a sustainable future.

About the Program

Access to technology is a significant indicator of socio-economic outcomes, and enables better education and career opportunities. In short, technology can have a positive social impact on communities who are remote, have limited resources or face hardships including natural disasters. 

At DXC, we are committed to working collaboratively with partners, customers and like-minded organisations to improve societal outcomes for communities across Asia Pacific, while also meeting sustainability goals through the reuse of IT equipment.

The DXC Digital Futures Program refurbishes and redistributes technology equipment, sharing it with communities who need it the most.

Together with program partners, we identify opportunities to match technology donors and recipients, and use sustainable business practices to prepare and deliver technology to communities.

Program impact

students impacted in Australia
students impacted in Philippines
schools and community organisations supported