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Make the transformation to sustainable mobility. Our mission is to design and co-create products and services that empower you to get there.

DXC Technology empowers customers worldwide to drive competitive advantage and navigate change. With expertise spanning autonomous drive, connected mobility, digital cockpit, UX, and testing and validation, DXC helps automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and key partners accelerate the shared, personal, connected and intelligent mobility of the future.

We work with our customers to support your transformation to become innovative digital businesses at the convergence of AI, autonomous mobility, connected infrastructure and digitisation.

We design and co-create products and services that help automotive companies make the transformation to sustainable mobility.

DXC is proud to partner with Scuderia Ferrari

“We have been working with Ferrari for several years on their essential infrastructure, and we are proud to move to a partnership that includes guiding them to their technology future. We are committed to innovating technology that transforms the vehicle information capabilities and enhances the driving experience for all.”

Michael Corcoran
Global Lead, Analytics and Engineering, DXC Technology

Analytics and Engineering


Luxoft, a DXC Technology company, is working with CARIAD, the automotive software company of Volkswagen Group, to provide vehicle software development, testing, and integration services.

Modern Workplace

Nissan’s flexible modern workplace boosts employee productivity and satisfaction

Nissan needed to enhance the employee experience, minimise downtime and let help desk experts work remotely to modernise IT support.

Analytics and Engineering

Global automotive manufacturer

This company tackled the autonomous mobility data problem for self-driving cars with DXC data engineering, analytics and machine learning.

Services and offerings

Analytics and Engineering

Improve competitiveness and profitability with enterprise data architecture and software engineering.

Data and Analytics

Decrease manufacturing and R&D costs, improve algorithmic performance by 50% for high volume data ingestion and analysis. Accelerate time to market for connected autonomous mobility.

Five automotive trends that will reshape our relationship with cars in the next five years

Exciting innovations in automotive software will radically transform how we experience mobility in our cars. These are the five trends that we believe will gain momentum.

In ADAS data collection, you need quality and quantity

Autonomous test vehicles generate vast amounts of data. Collecting and analyzing that data is complex and expensive, so it’s critical that the data is reliable.

The critical role of data management for autonomous driving development

The challenges of AD/ADAS development demand effective data management. Learn about the key components needed to master automotive data and analytics processing.