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Security Risk Management

Gain full visibility of people, processes and technology security risks to make better business decisions.

Security organisations are faced with a continual balancing act. Even with security budgets growing, the security posture gap is widening for many. Identifying and managing risks to protect your critical business processes and information assets, while optimising and prioritising your investments can be a challenge.

DXC Security Risk Management services provide the expertise to help assess your risk, formulate a strategic plan, and implement security risk management and monitoring capabilities to support compliance. Our experienced advisors help you be more proactive and build an end-to-end cyber security capability that meets business goals and transforms risk management with full situational awareness.

Key capabilities

Cyber maturity review services to assess and define a baseline measurement of your security capabilities across the organisation and set target levels

A strategic security architecture to map your business requirements and ensure ongoing measurement and management of risk and compliance

A risk management framework that supports your business objectives and is aligned with the enterprise’s risk appetite

Industry-certified professionals with extensive compliance expertise to advise on regulations and guidelines such as GDPR, SOX, HIPAA and PCI DSS  

Mark Hughes, President, Security, DXC Technology

Forbes Executive Agenda

5 cyber security approaches for fighting the enemy within

Quite often, the biggest threat to your enterprise is the enemy within: highly complex, poorly implemented or poorly maintained IT environments. In this Forbes article, DXC’s Mark Hughes shares tips on improving security programs, working with third parties, securing business transformation and simplifying security toolsets.

“We’re looking at optimising our portfolio of brands and leveraging the scale that they bring, and bringing the best talent into our organisation, whether it’s directly through employees or through partners like DXC.”

Ben Wishart
Ahold Delhaize

Customer story

Early detection the best defence with cyber security

Proactive security monitoring for suspicious activity, and robust cyber defence, prevents potential incidents adversely impacting and disrupting business operations.

Building cyber resilience in a remote future

Building cyber resilience in a remote future

According to a recent Harvard Business Review report, sponsored by DXC Technology, during the pandemic, 86 percent of organisations increased their employees’ ability to work remotely.
Save & Close  Cyber security for the modern workplace

Cyber security for the modern workplace

Simplification of security technologies, a focus on cost optimisation and considering users and data are the keys to securing the modern workplace environment

Amazon Web Services

Achieve tangible business results with a modernised workplace and applications in a secure, interconnected cloud.


Automate, secure and optimise workflows and processes to accelerate enterprise transformation.


Automate, secure and optimise workflows and processes to accelerate enterprise transformation.