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DXC Insurance Software

DXC Assure, an integrated software solution, helps insurers worldwide support digitally savvy consumers and manage the dual agenda of building the new and tackling the legacy.



Embracing insurance ecosystems to manage change

The right insurance ecosystem enabled by a digital insurance platform can accelerate the consumption of new technology and new data sources to support new products. It also provides an approach to transformation with the flexibility to respond quickly to future change. 

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“We want to take a prominent place in this landscape with a flexible, open IT system and an engaged partner. DXC is that partner, a large international IT services company having all the necessary competencies to support us and to invest in a real partnership — a partner we can count on in every circumstance.”

Marc Wouters
Chief Operations Officer


DXC Assure for Life and Wealth

Enhance engagement, drive trust, achieve growth and transform operations.

DXC Assure for Property and Casualty

Grow premiums and retain policyholders while enhancing engagement and transforming operations.

DXC Assure Broking

Drive straight-through processing, manage IT costs and support the business life cycle – end to end.

DXC Assure for Reinsurance

Compete more effectively, improve risk analysis, advance decision making and streamline operations.

DXC Assure for Commercial and Specialty

Unlock new markets, launch new products, expand distribution channels and achieve operational efficiencies.

DXC Assure Claims for Corporate Claims and Self-insured Organisations

The modern version of DXC Insurance RISKMASTER™

Mitigate risk, improve claims efficiency, enhance customer experiences, leverage data insights and reduce legal expenses.

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Contact Centre Experience

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ISG names DXC a Leader in six insurance quadrants

  • Life & Retirement BPO Services U.S.
  • Life & Retirement BPO TPA Services U.S.
  • Property & Casualty BPO Services U.S.
  • Property & Casualty BPO Services Australia
  • Life & Retirement Platforms U.S.
  • Property & Casualty Platforms U.S.

Tackle the legacy, build the new

Today’s customers expect digital experiences, readily available information for decision making and more flexible policies. Insurers need insights on how to drive trust and engagement, achieve growth and transform their operations.

DXC's insurance software enables insurance, broking, reinsurance and specialty commercial companies to focus on the challenges in today’s digital economy. Through the integration of DXC Assure software solutions and our proven ecosystem, we help insurers accelerate new products to market, improve customer and agent experiences, and boost cost efficiencies and innovation. 

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Banking and Capital Markets

Leading North American insurer

A leading insurer modernised a large portfolio by securely moving it from the data centre to the cloud in just 8 months.
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The Black Car Fund

The Black Car Fund swapped out its claims processing service for a cloud alternative that makes it possible to modify the app without requiring custom development.
Zurich, Switzerland

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Swiss Re

Reinsurer improved business processes and customer satisfaction with DXC software, application services and automation.

Ensuring enduring insurers

Based on interviews and research in insurance and other regulated industries, we have identified 10 practical and replicable provocations for insurers to focus on.
glass building and sky

A winning strategy for modernising insurance IT

IT modernisation is happening in all industries, but the insurance industry has unique challenges that require taking a new approach.
glass building and sky

NelsonHall names DXC a leader

NelsonHall recognises DXC as a Leader in Life, Annuities & Pension: Operational Transformation services.

Partners and key collaborators


Leverage resilient cloud infrastructure and services needed to differentiate today and adapt for tomorrow.

Micro Focus

Integrate legacy application solutions across the digital enterprise.


Modernise for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results.


Build personalised analytic experiences in any application or workflow through customised APIs.