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Assure Legal Solutions

Lower claim costs and legal expenditures, increase speed and consistency, enhance customer experiences, gain insights to litigation strategies.

Today’s corporate legal departments and claims organisations are constantly challenged with rising costs of external counsel, manual processes and inefficiencies of managing spend.  Many companies struggle with identifying, tracking, and managing ways to develop strategies that achieve sustainable savings now and into the future.

DXC assists legal teams in overcoming these challenges with DXC Assure Legal and DXC Assure Legal Insights, a suite of software products and claims litigation subscription service that helps reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Attorneys access daily
$4 billion
In invoices processed annually
Years of legal innovation in the insurance industry

DXC Assure Legal

DXC Assure Legal, the next generation of DXC’s Legal Solutions Suite, provides a comprehensive end-to-end litigation management solution using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes for guideline compliance. DXC Assure Legal offers greater visibility and increased control over your legal spend while improving consistency and compliance with regulatory mandates.

Explore DXC Assure Legal Solutions

DXC Assure Legal eBill

One of the most widely used legal billing platforms in the industry, DXC Assure Legal eBill provides law firms a secure method to submit invoices electronically. Featuring artificial intelligence and natural language processing, DXC Assure Legal eBill prescreens a law firm’s invoice against billing guidelines allowing firms to make changes to the invoice prior to submission.

DXC Assure Legal Bill Analyzer

DXC Assure Legal Bill Analyzer allows for a more granular view and line-by-line audit of legal bills submitted through the DXC Assure Legal eBill module. Both firms and customers receive a payment report that outlines audit findings on an invoice-by-invoice basis.

DXC Assure Legal Matter Manager

DXC Assure Legal Matter Manager provides organisations a means for on-line collaborative budgeting, staffing, task management and case planning with their legal firms. This collaborative environment ensures that firms are in sync with claims handlers on case management and outcomes.

DXC Assure Legal Insights

DXC Assure Legal Insights is a subscription-based solution that leverages cross-dataset analysis to combine cost benchmarking and court data in a single interface, enabling legal and claims teams to accurately analyse both matter outcomes and cost, as well as how they interact.

DXC Assure Legal Insights enables users to monitor, benchmark and compare claims litigation data to industry peers via actionable dashboards; access empirical data to determine future exposure to reduce legal expenses and improve litigation outcomes. Access includes:

  • Aggregated claims litigation data providing metrics and benchmarking, for performance evaluation, comparison and assessment
  • Largest state court database in the U.S. – 1800+ state courts reported – 40+ million court cases
  • Current counsel rates by case type, state and activities performed

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