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Make the transformation to sustainable mobility. Our mission is to design and co-create products and services that empower you to get there.

DXC Luxoft, the analytics and engineering arm of DXC Technology, empowers customers worldwide to drive competitive advantage and navigate change. With expertise spanning autonomous drive, connected mobility, digital cockpit, UX, and testing and validation, DXC Luxoft helps automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and key partners accelerate the shared, personal, connected and intelligent mobility of the future.

We work with our customers to support your transformation to become innovative digital businesses at the convergence of AI, autonomous mobility, connected infrastructure and digitisation.

We design and co-create products and services that help automotive companies make the transformation to sustainable mobility.

“We rely on the proven IT expertise of DXC Luxoft to provide continual innovation and modernisation to keep us at the forefront of technology.”

Igor Šuba 
Chief Information Officer  
Matador Group  


Modern Workplace


Nissan needed to enhance the employee experience, minimise downtime and let help desk experts work remotely to modernise IT support.


Matador Group

Slovak automotive group boosts agility, cuts expenses with infrastructure as a service.

Analytics and Engineering

Multinational automotive company

A leading automaker accelerates R&D in autonomous test vehicles.

Services and offerings

Analytics and Engineering

Improve competitiveness and profitability with enterprise data architecture and software engineering.

Data and Analytics

Decrease manufacturing and R&D costs, improve algorithmic performance by 50% for high volume data ingestion and analysis. Accelerate time to market for connected autonomous mobility.

The critical role of data management for autonomous driving development

The challenges of AD/ADAS development demand effective data management. Learn about the key components needed to master automotive data and analytics processing.

Data-driven development for autonomous driving with DXC Robotic Drive Cloud

Autonomous driving functions require managing and automatically processing huge amounts of data. DXC Robotic Drive Cloud leverages tAWS cloud services for elastic compute and storage.

Mastering autonomous driving development

As the industry advances beyond L2+, automotive players will need to embrace data-driven development within their organizations.