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Consumer and Retail

Harness the power of innovation and compete in today’s customer-centric environment.   

As retail and CPG companies address new challenges and continued uncertainty, executives are managing several priorities simultaneously. From tracking changing consumer buying patterns to ensuring the supply chain meets more complex final-mile delivery options, industry leaders are leveraging new technologies to modernise, manage costs with rigor and curate ecosystems to drive sustainable growth.

DXC unlocks value to manage and modernise your mission-critical systems while integrating new technology solutions to produce better business outcomes.

1 of the world’s three 3 largest retailers chose DXC to support its cloud migration for international markets
2 of the top 3 Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies worldwide trust DXC to deliver services across the Enterprise Technology Stack
DXC delivers IT services for 2 of the big 5 brands in the global beer market


Lotte Co.

Lotte’s cloud strategy sweetens the employee experience and increases agility


Global fast-food chain

With DXC's help, this fast-food chain migrated its SAP and associated apps to the public cloud in just 8 months.
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Ahold Delhaize

Netherlands food retailer improved new server delivery with self-service portal and flexible IaaS/PaaS.

Services and offerings

Business Process Outsourcing

Transform the consumer experience with greater efficiency and increased automation to achieve better business outcomes with DXC's BPO and contact center services.

Analytics and Engineering

Collect, store and analyse data to generate insights, and design and engineer customer and employee experiences to increase revenue and profitability with personalisation and automation at scale.


Successfully meet customer expectations and differentiate brands through scalable, cloud-based retail solutions that improve efficiency and visibility across the supply chain to achieve a truly connected enterprise.


Protect critical transactional records, consumer details, new vendor information and purchase account data with a disciplined approach for staying ahead of adversaries.


Adjust to changes in customer preferences, products and pricing — in ways that were previously impossible or too expensive — by modernising existing applications for the cloud.

IT Outsourcing

Use reliable, optimised and secure mission-critical systems at lower cost. We manage and simplify your existing infrastructure investments and provide a way forward to modernise IT.

Modern Workplace

Provide retail associates with the flexibility to continuously learn and enhance skills on-the-go using a self-directed learning application accessible from any location.


Help CPG and Retail companies achieve their strategic and business objectives by enabling superior customer and employee experiences through digital products and services.


CPG challenges drive need for IoT

The consumer packaged goods industry has been impacted by dramatic changes in recent years. To meet these challenges, CPG companies are looking to innovate with IoT technologies, to improve their operational, distribution and production processes and to optimise and lower their variable costs.

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As online shopping grows, so does the risk of e-skimming attacks

The lucrative nature of card-skimming attacks ensures they will continue to proliferate.

How in-store associates can replicate your online experience

Advanced technologies help retailers affordably enhance the customer experience.
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Trace consumers’ path to purchase

Too much data and not enough customer insight? Find out how to build rich, personalised pictures of your customers to drive engagement and loyalty.