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DXC Assure for Property and Casualty

Grow premiums and retain policyholders while enhancing engagement and transforming operations with  DXC Assure for Property and Casualty insurance software for traditional policy administration and beyond.


Today’s insurance customers expect digital experiences, information at their fingertips and flexible policies. Insurers are looking for solutions that enable speed to market, maintain policyholder retention levels, improve customer experience and reduce cost.  DXC Assure for Property and Casualty focuses on these and other challenges.

The integrated, cloud-enabled, microservice-constructed solution encompasses policy administration and beyond. It combines customer engagement, self service, analytics, cognitive/artificial intelligence (AI) and capabilities essential for the next decade. Our comprehensive application programming interface (API) framework integrates existing technology into the open DXC Assure Digital Platform and offers a gateway to our ecosystem of partners and insurtech innovation.

#1 provider
of core insurance systems
40+ years
of innovation in the insurance industry
insurance customers globally
in DWP administered by DXC’s Property and Casualty BPS

DXC Assure suite for property and casualty , a modular solution built on the open DXC Assure Digital Platform, enables you to select what you need now and expand later. DXC Assure components are:

SaaS solutions

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DXC's heritage software for property and casualty

DXC is guiding transformation journeys and providing modernisation services around these heritage software offerings:

  • DXC GraphTalk™
  • Integral
  • Enterprise Billing
  • Exceed

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Business process services: Property and casualty

Increase speed to market with new products, simplify operations and reduce cost with our business process as a service for property and casualty insurance.

“We've been with DXC and their products for over 20 years at Ohio Mutual.  One of the things that Ohio Mutual has continually banked on is the knowledge of the insurance industry that DXC brings to its products and to us as a customer.”

Brad McCormack

Vice President of Information Technology
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group



picture of Belgian city


This Belgian insurer saw 50% growth in broker requests after DXC insurance application services experts implemented the DXC Assure Digital Platform and DXC GraphTalk insurance software.
New York city traffic

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