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DXC Assure suite for life and wealth

Drive trust, enhance engagement, achieve growth and transform operations with our modular, integrated, digital, cloud-enabled software solution for traditional policy administration and beyond.




Today’s insurance customers expect digital experiences, information at their fingertips and flexible policies. Insurers are looking for solutions that enable speed to market, improved customer experience and reduced costs. Built from the ground up, DXC Assure focuses on these and other challenges.

The integrated, cloud-enabled, microservice-constructed solution encompasses policy administration and beyond. It combines customer engagement, self-service, analytics, cognitive/artificial intelligence (AI) and capabilities essential for the next decade. Our comprehensive application programming interface (API) framework integrates existing technology into the open DXC Assure Digital Platform and offers a gateway to our ecosystem of partners and insurtech innovation.

#1 provider
of core insurance systems
40+ years
of innovation in the insurance industry
insurance customers globally
life and wealth policies under administration

DXC Assure suite for life and wealth, a modular solution, enables you to select what you need now and expand later.

SaaS solutions

Our solution addresses compliance with regional regulations, product needs, currency and language by providing geography-specific systems of record for the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Integral and DXC GraphTalk are now DXC Assure Digital Platform-compliant executing within the DXC Assure architectural framework.

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Cloud-enabled solutions

  • DXC Assure wmA
  • DXC Assure CyberLife
  • DXC Assure Ingenium

Our cloud-enabled heritage solutions provide a migration path to reap the value of the cloud quickly and securely while modernising to provide digital capabilities and cost efficiencies.

DXC's heritage software for life and wealth

DXC is guiding transformation journeys and providing modernisation services around these heritage software offerings:

  • DXC CyberLife™
  • DXC GraphTalk™
  • Ingenium
  • Integral
  • Wealth Management Accelerator™
  • Product Accelerator, ProductXpress™, VP/MS
  • nbAccelerator
  • PerformancePlus

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A leading insurer modernised a large portfolio by securely moving it from the data center to the cloud in just 8 months.

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DXC is recognised as a leader in six insurance quadrants, including Life & Retirement BPO Services U.S. and Life & Retirement BPO TPA Services U.S.

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IT modernisation is happening in all industries, but the insurance industry has unique challenges that require taking a new approach.

Partners and key collaborators


Reimagine insurance business processes in the cloud and create business value with DXC and AWS.


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