The year 2020 was a year like no other and has escalated customers' expectations for personalised digital engagement from insurers. Consumers have been perfecting their digital savviness and now demand personalised digital engagement from their insurance providers that brings added value. Our 2020 DXC Insurance Survey Report aims to amplify the voice of the U.S. consumer and provide insights to the insurance community.

More than 2000 U.S. consumers participated in DXC's insurance survey, and now we're sharing our findings with you. Our goal is to provide more insight into how these shifts in consumer sentiment can open doors to new opportunities to those listening and willing to invest in and embrace change.


Consumers expect insurers to deliver a customer experience comparable to those of other businesses with which they interact, and many are left unsatisfied. By embracing new technologies, infrastructure and partner solutions, insurers can transcend the traditional insurance proposition to become proactive partners in helping customers manage risk, prevent losses and improve holistic wellness.

What's working

Businesses are using new technologies to disrupt their industries and get ahead of the competition. They’re embracing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and they’re seeing the benefits.



of consumers are willing to use technologies in exchange for better services and/or lower insurance premiums




are worried that they are under insured




are comfortable sharing personal and lifestyle information to reduce premiums




store some data in the cloud


For additional findings and our recommendations for the industry, download the report.

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Learn more

Insurance Software

DXC Assure, an integrated software solution, helps insurers worldwide support digitally savvy consumers and manage the dual agenda of building the new and tackling the legacy.

Insurance BPaaS

Rely on our mix of people and processes — and a modular, digital technology platform — to perform the full spectrum of insurance services, from new business acquisition to claims processing.

Executive insight

Executive insight

“More than ever, consumers are now willing to use the latest digital innovations to share some level of personal and lifestyle information with insurers. This is an opportunity for insurers to invest in platforms and data solutions that help them be active players in this consumer-oriented digital economy.”

Sudhar Krishnamachary
Vice President, Insurance
DXC Technology


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