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In 1933, Julius Fulton and Robert Hogan founded Fulton Hogan in Dunedin, New Zealand. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest infrastructure construction, roadworks and aggregate supplier companies in New Zealand, with an active presence in wider Australasia.

“DXC has brought great value to our partnership. The team are just fantastic to work with and therefore, we have maintained this relationship for the last eight years.”

Warrick Atherton Group information systems officer, Fulton Hogan

The organisation uses JD Edwards’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to manage its business applications. The ERP and associated Enterprise Applications have 70 SQL servers and several hundred databases attached to them.

“The construction industry is highly competitive and demands an agile and adaptable IT infrastructure to incorporate change as needed,” explains Warrick Atherton, group information systems officer, Fulton Hogan. “We wanted a partner to provide the IT expertise for an automated, policy-driven management tool for our large and complex SQL server environment to keep our applications running smoothly.”

Fulton Hogan selected DXC Technology as their partner to manage maintenance of its ERP platform as well as support its SQL databases moving forward. The organisation has partnered with the DXC team for over eight years now. Database management can be costly and repetitive, making it suitable for automation.

Using DXC’s Automated Management for Microsoft Solutions, Fulton Hogan has an automated, top-down, policy-driven management tool for SQL server environment, enabling the organisation to improve service delivery, reduce costs and increase compliance across its database environments.


Maintaining cost efficiency and reducing capital expenses is imperative in the construction industry. Fulton Hogan understood that partnering with DXC would enable the organisation to focus on its core business, while DXC managed the end to end maintenance and support of its SQL databases.

Atherton said, “We evaluated different vendors and found that DXC’s SQL Server Monitoring & Automation Services team had senior, experienced technical resources who have successfully delivered countless projects for customers across the full range of Microsoft SQL Server features.

“What we get is quality, highly responsive IT expertise, and 24x7 infrastructure reliability and stability,” notes Atherton. “DXC knows our processes extremely well and is our proven partner in support of critical business applications. We can now leave the day to day management to DXC’s team, who are the industry experts and a trusted partner, leaving our core IT team to focus on the business.”

Outcomes and benefits

Since choosing to work with DXC in 2013, the journey has been a successful and fruitful one.

DXC Automated Management for Microsoft solutions has enabled Fulton Hogan to self-manage and automate the support, upgrade and end to end maintenance of its SQL server systems. The solution enables Fulton Hogan to automate processes, ensures that the environment is constantly monitored and maintained.

Atherton concludes, “The technical expertise of the DXC team was the big selling point for us. With an automated platform that ensures our environment is constantly monitored and maintained, we can reduce costs and drive improvements in system management and performance. We no longer need internal resources to manage our SQL servers and databases and have been able to hand over operation support to the DXC team.

“DXC has brought great value to our partnership. The team are just fantastic to work with and therefore, we have maintained this relationship for the last eight years.”

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