DXC Data and Analytics

Envision, design and modernise your data environment. Our data-driven insights powered by DXC Luxoft help you protect existing investments and discover future business opportunities.

The race is on for better data insights

As the world moves to digital business, the growing use of analytics is unlocking new value from data. The race is on with your competitors, and it’s easy to fall behind when you can’t predict, model and respond to market trends, supply chain fluctuations, consumer behavior and complex risks. DXC Luxoft understands the unique ways industries and business processes can drive better outcomes with enterprise data architecture. 

DXC provides best-in-class analytics and AI platform solutions and a trademarked approach to innovation

Named a “Leader” by ISG in data engineering services, data infrastructure and cloud integration services, data life cycle management services, and data science services

Solve complex challenges

DXC Data and Analytics services help you solve complex operational, technological and strategic challenges by synthesising and visualising the connected world and the vast amount of data available. We combine human-centered design with digitalised assets, automation, AI, DataOps and MLOps, and we then hyperscale data management to extend your capabilities and ultimately augment your workforce. With DXC Luxoft, you overcome skill shortages, expand margins, enable new business initiatives and increase employee satisfaction.

Improved algorithmic performance by 100x for an autonomous driving engineering team

A railway’s maintenance operations went entirely paperless within 3 weeks of deployment

Fast path to business value

Accelerate your path to business value wherever you are on your data journey — planning, design, implementation or management. Use the power of advanced analytical tools to ingest and transform data, platforms to store and analyse data, and partnerships to protect and maximise data value.


Data to insights

Capture and synthesise edge-to-core data from multiple sources to convert information into analytical insights and data-driven decision making for more efficient and innovative business outcomes.

Automated everything

Harness advanced automation, machine learning, RPA and emerging technologies to launch products faster, overcome expanding workloads, tame unpredictable costs and increase profitability. 

Smart places and things

Validate the need for IoT solutions and digital twins, select the right platforms and then integrate them into a wider enterprise context using proven methodologies.

Public Sector

Brussels battles air pollution with high-tech, Low Emission Zone

DXC used data analytics, automation and website application development to help the Belgian capital curb air pollution.
University of Sydney customer story

Public Sector

University of Sydney adopts a university-wide code repository

Fully maintained, centralised GitHub code repository provides academic researchers and students with a secure campus-wide resource for storage and collaboration.

The importance of firm data foundations in a digital-first bank

A sound digital data strategy will unlocks creativity for banks, empowering initiatives to increase trust, and improve profitability per customer.

Improving efficacy of AI models during times of business disruption

As machine and deep learning techniques evolve, two promising approaches are reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning.

Smart connected manufacturing

Advanced digital technology is changing the way products can be designed, manufactured, delivered and maintained.

Modernise, accelerate migrations and create cloud value with DXC and AWS. 

Google Cloud

Harness the combined power of Google Cloud and DXC expertise in managing mission-critical workloads and transformations.


Unlock data value and drive innovative digital experiences with edge-to-cloud, as-a-service solutions.


Modernise for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results with DXC and Microsoft.