Transform your contact centre with Service Cloud Voice

DXC introduces Service Cloud Voice

Service Cloud Voice is the latest solution for high volume contact centres. Combining the strength of Salesforce with the most innovative telephony offering from Amazon Connect, all tailored to suit your unique needs with DXC’s consultative and innovative approach to implementation – you can transform your contact centre for the future with Service Cloud Voice. 

Meet the needs of your evolving workforce

By connecting voice conversations, digital channels, and customer data in real-time – you can enable your contact centre team to deliver faster, more personalised service from anywhere.

In times of uncertainty customers pick up the phone

As consumers seek additional help in unfamiliar circumstances, contact centres have become more important than ever before.

In response to the disruptions of 2020, contact centres have been forced to undergo rapid change – shifting to remote work models and managing heightened demand. They now require a smarter way to handle incoming calls, enhance their customer experience and boost agent productivity.

Benefits of Service Cloud Voice

A streamlined agent workspace

Enable your agents to service all customer interactions from one screen. Embedded softphone call controls make it simple for agents to accept phone calls alongside digital conversations in omnichannel, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce’s Customer 360 for a holistic view of the customer.

Enhanced customer experience with artificial intelligence (AI)

With AI-enabled call log field predictions, voice-triggered knowledge article recommendations and Einstein case wrap-up, your agents will be able to reduce handle time – resulting in better customer experience and greater agent productivity.

Real-time call transcription

Seamlessly capture the content of your call and link the call transcript to the customer’s profile for easy future reference. Real-time call transcription can also be used to launch on-call intelligence, such as 'Next Best Actions' and 'Reply Recommendations' so agents can swiftly resolve customer queries.

Unlocked insights for supervisors

Help facilitate training and onboarding for your agents with easy access to calls and insights in real-time. Keyword or sentiment analysis can be configured to flag calls where additional on-call coaching may be needed.

Agents available from anywhere

With remote working here to stay, Service Cloud Voice supports your agent’s ability to service their customers from anywhere they are based – allowing your business to continue seamlessly regardless of the environment and offering flexibility that attracts and retains top talent.

Fast setup

Coming pre-integrated with Amazon Connect and with no software to install or complex upgrade processes, Service Cloud Voice enables easy setup of cloud telephony alongside existing communication channels to help organisations deliver fast, personalised service to customers in a matter of weeks.

Future proof with proven scalability

Grow or shrink your contact centre on-demand with the same technology Amazon uses worldwide for millions of customers and peak volumes.

Why DXC for Service Cloud Voice?

With the combined expertise from two of our dedicated practices, specialising in Salesforce and Amazon Connect, DXC is best placed to transform your integrated contact centre.

Our agile approach and deep industry knowledge – including application, infrastructure, and security – will ensure you transform your employee and customer experience quickly and deliver real value to your business.