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Oracle cloud solutions designed for your industry and organisation, yet flexible enough to scale.

Our industry solutions are our cloud-based, pre-packaged systems and services. They’re designed and built for specific industries, ready to deploy so your organisation can start reaping the benefits of leading-edge technology, faster – often in half the time it takes to implement a  non-tailored solution.

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DXC Industry Solutions for Oracle

DXC Beverage for Oracle

Combining market-leading Oracle Application technologies with industry-specific intellectual property, DXC Beverage is an ERP solution designed to enable and empower beverage companies.

DXC Asset for Oracle

Drawing on our in-house ERP and engineering and construction expertise, we’ve pre-configured market-leading Oracle Application technologies to create an all-in-one ERP solution that will enable, empower and add tangible value to your business from day one.

DXC Campus for Oracle

It’s a solution that’s been built-for-purpose by our education SMS specialists, combining Oracle’s market-leading application technologies and processes with our industry-specific intellectual property (IP), to deliver all the functionality, capabilities and governance controls your organisation needs.

DXC State Government Advisory Service for Oracle

Government agencies are often hampered by legacy technology no longer fit for purpose. With many years of experience working in State Government, we provide insights into technology options to meet new legislative and policy changes, assist with new product features and craft technology roadmaps and business cases tailored to specific requirements.

DXC Services for Accelerate Template for Public Sector

Government departments are leading their industry by reimagining their on-premise applications in an integrated Cloud environment. Our track record at building successful solutions for Government means we have the knowledge to transform manual and inherited processes into interactive meaningful data for dynamic user experiences.

DXC Insights

Our comprehensive Oracle based solution is preconfigured for your industry and leadership roles. It unlocks the hidden potential in your data, harnessing powerful modelling, visualisations and machine learning capabilities to deliver insights in intuitive, user-focused dashboards.

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