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Canberra, Australia

The Australian government is committed to public services, citizen engagement, and engaging states and territories in open government. A large part of that process relies on driving efficiencies with digital technology.

This commonwealth department (“the customer”) wanted to move away from its existing on-premises contact centre to a future-proofed, evergreen cloud contact centre solution with true omnichannel capability. The customer recognised an opportunity to increase productivity, lower costs and improve customer experience (CX) through a contact centre transformation.

Business challenge

The existing on-premise infrastructure required costly system upgrades and patching, and was nearing end of life (EOL). Agents had to use hardware/handsets in an office location, however business disruptions faced by the department meant a requirement for agents to work remotely.

The customer needed a resilient cloud-based contact centre solution with the flexibility to quickly scale up and down for agents as required. A department spokesperson said, “We wanted a growth-ready system so we could add more agents as required, potentially even extend our services in the future.”


With an already existing strong relationship with the customer, DXC Technology’s Connect practice was engaged directly by the department’s chief technology officer (CTO) to deliver Genesys Cloud Software as a Service on AWS. The solution was based on a similar solution previously provided by DXC to another government portfolio agency.

In Australia, DXC Connect has decades of experience designing, delivering and managing content centre solutions and services for a range of organisations. Importantly, DXC practices have the in-depth experience and demonstrable skills necessary to integrate Genesys PureCloud omnichannel contact centre with customers’ existing core business systems.

The solution implemented pushes innovation automatically. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it uses commercially reasonable best efforts to provide 100% uptime. The continuous delivery methodology means the customer experiences no downtime during usability enhancements, security upgrades, patches or resource centre updates. It also means they are no longer locked into a specific version and will continue to access the latest version throughout the lifecycle of the subscription.

The ability to integrate the contact centre solution with ServiceNow offered automatic capture and retrieval of customer data in real-time to support agents as soon as the call is assigned. This integration further supports customer satisfaction by fully streamlining the customer experience (CX), enhancing agent productivity, and eliminating the need for customers to constantly repeat information.


DXC worked with the customer and a third-party integrator to deliver the project in just six weeks (where it would usually take around three months). Collaborating as a team, planning ahead to complete and deliver the milestones on schedule, and holding weekly stakeholder working groups all proved beneficial in achieving outcomes on time. The tight delivery timeframe was driven by the EOL deadline and the accelerated need for agents to work from home.

DXC also worked to integrate ServiceNow into the Genesys Cloud platform. This includes web service data actions to retrieve caller details (from ServiceNow), as well as scripts to present callers’ details to the agent on-call, and links to open relevant pages/URLs supported by ServiceNow.

Results and benefits

The Genesys Cloud solution from DXC Connect provides a modern contact centre solution that overcomes the previous system’s challenges. Customer service agents now have fast access to integrated communications and management tools. All incoming contacts are collected in a single queue. The contacts are continually reprioritised and transferred automatically to the best-placed available expert. The unified desktop provides agents with a single, real-time view of customers across all channels — allowing them to multitask and work more efficiently.

The workforce engagement capabilities in Genesys have boosted employee productivity with built-in automation features across quality management, voice and digital recording, workforce management, and employee performance domains. Intraday monitoring and real-time adherence views will assist the customer in tracking anticipated demand and reacting where necessary. It takes just 30 seconds for the Genesys Cloud solution to take historical data and blend with more than 20 forecasting methodologies to predict and track all interaction performance. A comprehensive view across all channels will allow the customer to thoroughly evaluate interactions to provide agents with effective coaching and performance reviews.

Key back-office processes, such as resource forecasting and work scheduling, are more automated and less time consuming. As a result, the customer has a better understanding of agent workloads and can determine the best ways to redeploy them.

The included real-time dashboards and analytics provide insights needed to better run the business. The integration with ServiceNow means agents are prompted with critical customer information to improve call efficiency, service levels and flow.

The collaboration option allows for better communication between agents, enabling them to chat and instantly share ideas without sending an email. Persistent chat history allows conversations with colleagues to start and continue anywhere at any time. The feature also enables agents to share files, images, and internet media in a chat window with customers.

In summary, the customer has experienced several major benefits:

  • An evergreen environment with all future upgrades handled by the Genesys continuous deployment method.
  • Reduced hardware and software costs (upfront and ongoing maintenance) compared to the previous on-premise solution.
  • Ability to scale up or down quickly and cost-effectively with the AWS consumption-based model.
  • Improved employee productivity and retention through ease of use and visibility.
  • Comprehensive Workforce Management capability for improved resourcing, as well as providing superior employee feedback and continuous capability improvement.
  • More personalised customer experiences with real-time data integrated from core systems and live ServiceNow integration.
  • The ability to quickly and easily deploy ‘work from anywhere’ models if needed.
  • Reduced call waiting times and smoother transfers between agents.
  • Insightful reporting straight out of the box for greater managements control.

What’s next?

Powered by Genesys on AWS, the new solution offers an open platform which the customer can further enhance with integration through web service data actions (with necessary guidance from DXC if required).

The customer can add a service desk and extend platform usage to include digital channels like SMS, video, email, and social media as required. In addition, the Skype for Business (SfB) telephony environment can be leveraged to allow for future integration into Microsoft Teams once the customer implements it.

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