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For the Australian Government’s principal revenue collection agency, data underpins everything that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) does.  With data stores growing every year, keeping ATO systems safe and personal information protected is an issue of national significance. 

With support from DXC, the ATO took the opportunity to not only move its existing applications and services to new data centres but also to re architect and modernise its gateway, network and infrastructure as well as migrating a number of applications to the cloud.  The ATO’s Data Centre Migration (DCM) was a significant investment in taxpayer money and became one of the largest technology programs in Australia.  The DCM program enabled the ATO to continue to deliver services that keep pace with technology, demand and community expectations while keeping Australian taxpayer data secure. 

The transformation has contributed towards the improvement of the ATO’s online services for Australian businesses, citizens and government employees.

  •  98% Major incidents reduction - Reduction of unplanned major network outages duration compared to the legacy network.
  •  50% Greater availability- Improvement in system availability due to patching maintenance work being completed non-disruptively.

“The decision to redeploy applications meant we had a daunting task ahead of us but one worth undertaking – ATO now have applications in the target ATO2.0 state uplifting lifecycle currency and performance. The teamwork and expertise from everyone on the program meant that we delivered an incredibly complex scope in a very tight timeframe.”

— Application Migration and Decommission Program Manager, Data Centre Program, ATO

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