DXC and Zafin

Empowering financial institutions to profoundly transform digital experience and modernise their core by externalising product, pricing and billing. 

Build profitable relationship with personalised products and offers
Accelerate and de-risk core modernisation
Improve speed and agility to adapt to market forces

About the DXC and Zafin collaboration

With over 65 years of combined experience supporting financial institutions across the globe, DXC Technology and Zafin together, provide a clear pathway to boost customer engagement and drive value to thrive.

Using a modular approach to modernisation, we enable banks to pace their transformation, lower implementation costs and innovate with ease. We are building the modern era of financial services.

DXC and Zafin

Bringing 65+ years of combined experience supporting financial institutions across the world

Modernising and simplifying core systems for the modern era of financial services 

Improving business agility, flexibility, sustainability and governance 

Enabling digital transformation and customer centricity with simplified product and pricing solutions

Helping financial institutions

DXC and Zafin together, deliver innovation and navigate technology integration to reduce complexity and drive business agility while de-risking and simplifying the transformation journey. Secure the foundation for your bank with new products, stronger customer relationships and sustainable growth.  Let us help you succeed.

Accelerate digital transformation with core modernisation

Fast-track benefits for employee and customer stakeholders, with enhanced core systems that accelerate speed to market for new solutions, bolster governance and provide exceptional digital experiences.

Reduce time and cost to market

Deploy new product, pricing and offer strategies in days, rather than months, with highly configurable solutions.

Build customer relationships

Execute innovative product and pricing adjustment strategies to drive customer loyalty and advocacy by rewarding customers based on their banking relationship while also attracting new ones.

Strengthen regulatory compliance

Manage product information across the full product lifecycle, ensuring consistency and transparency while mitigating risk.