DXC Technology and Western Sydney University Launch Student “Innovating Human Identity” Challenge

Sydney, Australia, 14 September 2021 - DXC Technology (NYSE:DXC) and Western Sydney University are collaborating on the “Innovating Human Identity” Challenge, an initiative that will help student teams develop unique ideas to advance digital identity solutions by leveraging technology, service delivery models, policies and regulations, public outreach campaigns, and new education opportunities.

DXC and Western Sydney University are conducting a two-day innovation event with more than 50 university students as part of Venture Makers, a new entrepreneurship training and development program delivered by Launch Pad, the University’s innovative business incubator based in Sydney West. 

Participants will use an online videoconferencing platform to engage with DXC guest speakers and facilitators from across industry and the University in a series of technical sessions, and work in teams to develop a solution that will be pitched to an expert industry panel. Students will pitch ideas and solutions at a special event on 26 November 2021 where DXC will be providing career mentoring opportunities.

Don Wright, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Western Sydney University, said that the Venture Makers Innovating Human Identity Challenge would provide students from a range of disciplines, including STEM, humanities, business, and health areas with valuable real-world experience to develop their entrepreneurial skills, work readiness and make key industry contacts.

“Digital identity is a complex and dynamic area of information technology that poses fascinating technical and ethical questions for students to explore,” Wright explained. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with DXC Technology to stimulate student thinking around digital identity technologies including in areas such as biometrics and artificial intelligence to understand the role they will play in the future – covering applications from vaccine passports to a seamless traveler experience, to the management of a public health crisis. Students will explore how these digital identity technologies can positively change our lives and be managed for a more secure, fair and equitable world.”

Seelan Nayagam, President Asia Pacific, DXC Technology said the partnership was part of DXC Technology’s commitment to developing talent in Western Sydney. “DXC Technology is proud to be collaborating with Western Sydney University on a range of technology initiatives and work-integrated learning focused projects. Venture Makers helps develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and STEM graduates who will be critical in supporting the growing Western Sydney region. We are pleased that we are able to forge ahead with this virtual training experience for students, and genuinely look forward to exploring ideas and solutions with the teams throughout this challenge.”

For more information on Western Sydney University’s Venture Makers program, visit Launch Pad.

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