Mastering SAP 2022

Bringing the SAP ecosystem together


20-22 July 2022


Crown Promenade, Melbourne

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Join us at Mastering SAP 2022 and discover how the DXC Practice for SAP is helping enterprise organisations solve complex business problems and innovate successfully with cloud-enabled SAP applications.

During the event, engage with DXC speaking sessions and demonstrations or visit our booth at location P5.

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  • Date: Wednesday 13th July @ 12pm
  • Location: Online
  • Speaker: Patrick Saundry, Head of Human Experience Management (HXM), DXC Technology 

Technology solutions are continuously evolving at a rapid rate in response to changing workforce needs. The future of work is now – find out how organisations are ensuring they are leveraging new innovations as they are available, staying ahead of the change and building organisation resilience with a continuous improvement approach.

In this session we will facilitate discussion on what processes and stakeholder engagement approaches organisations adopting to ensure they are leveraging the latest innovations to meet the ongoing needs of their workforce. From adopting a full product management approach to a high-level roadmap with quarterly initiatives, we will discover how to prioritise and deliver solutions to address workforce needs for sustainable continuous improvement

  • Date: Thursday 21st @ 10.05am
  • Location: Pavilion Theatre 2
  • Speaker: Toni Kennington, HXM Practice Partner, DXC Technology 

  • Date: Thursday 21st @ 2.15pm
  • Location: HR, Payroll & SuccessFactors
  • Speaker: Ben Choo, People Analytics and Systems Manager, Genesis Energy

Genesis struggled to induct new joiners comprehensively and with a consistent employee experience. They had no fool-proof mechanism to give new joiners the information they requested, nor could they obtain data easily from recruits. All information captured manually from new joiners for recruitment and onboarding purposes was re-keyed into the Employee Central. The process was time-consuming and created room for error and duplication, resulting in incomplete or inconsistent data about employees.

Eighteen months after the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central as its human resources (HR) master data system, Genesis realised it needed further HR capability. It opted to partner with DXC Technology to implement SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0, becoming the first company in New Zealand to install the latest version of the solution. This session will share the Genesis implementation story, lessons that allowed the team to achieve a robust HR data strategy with systems in place to capture, maintain, and report on employee data in a more streamlined manner.

  • Date: Friday 22nd July @ 2.10pm
  • Location: HR, Payroll & SuccessFactors
  • Speakers: Patrick Saundry, Head of Human Experience Management (HXM), DXC Technology, Toni Kennington, HXM Practice Partner, DXC Technology, Coppelia Rose, Global HXM/Healthcare Offering Leader, DXC Technology

The recent healthcare crisis has placed significant stress on the Healthcare Provider Workforce, and amplified issues that have been present and increasing for over 15 years. Healthcare Providers need dynamic systems to be more flexible in managing unforeseen events or a resurgence. Join DXC as we discuss how we engaged with healthcare workers and used a human centered and design thinking approach to leverage SAP cloud solutions to support Healthcare providers in addressing business and workforce needs to deliver the DXC Workforce Suite for Healthcare.

  • Why is it important to include end-users in the design thinking?
  • What are some successful design thinking tools for engaging end-users in the process?
  • How to leverage existing solutions to innovate – instead of reinventing the wheel
  • How are organisations measuring the wellbeing of their workforce?
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SAP SuccessFactors provides comprehensive HR solution for energy company, ensuring uniform and repeatable processes to help boost new starter engagement.