PEAK Matrix assessments provide the analysis and insights enterprises need to make critical selection decisions about global services providers, locations, and products and solutions. DXC is recognised as a leader based on our investment in the partnership, talent, relevant acquisitions, and ability to carry out large-scale, complex enterprise transformations leveraging the entire portfolio of ServiceNow offerings.

"We believe Everest’s recognition of our leadership in ServiceNow solutions is a credit to our enterprise clients who are realising business value on their digital transformation journeys enabled by DXC. This is backed by the robust partnership we continue to expand with ServiceNow, and our investment in global applications capabilities that empower the Enterprise Technology Stack."

Rick Sullivan, Vice President & GM, Application Services

DXC’s leading marks in "Value Delivered" (value delivered to the customer based on customer feedback and transformational impact) and "Vision & Strategy" (vision for the customer and itself; future roadmap and strategy) are a testament to a powerful, winning combination that DXC brings to customers looking to transform their enterprises through pervasive, automated workflows.

DXC’s ability to deliver value to customers  begins with people. DXC has a team of passionate, customer-focused ServiceNow experts — over 800 in total — who are committed to delivering solutions that will address organisations’ workflow needs now and scale to align to their long-term vision. DXC also has more than 4,900 ServiceNow accreditations and certifications, and four ServiceNow Master Architects.

As the world’s largest independent systems integrator, DXC ensures the ServiceNow solution will perform to its maximum potential by linking it with key enterprise platforms, including CRM and ERP systems, to provide additional automation across the enterprise while leveraging existing investments.

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