DXC Storage and Backup

We manage petabytes of storage around the world. We provide secure anytime, anywhere access to your data and protection from the impact of ransomware attacks.

Secure, scalable and always available

Enterprises expect anytime, anywhere access to the information they need. Our scalable and secure storage and backup services keep data available across any storage device. End-to-end security features protect data with a range of choices, from replication to full disaster recovery. Our services align with our compute, data centre and business continuity services for a highly integrated solution.

High-capacity architecture

DXC’s modern architecture offers the performance of an on-premises solution and the flexibility, economics and capacity of hybrid cloud. You enjoy one-click failover to any environment and fast application development and deployment. Our data platform integrates primary, backup and disaster recovery storage to deliver data whenever and wherever you need it — without adding storage costs. The platform also supports analytics, machine learning and software development.

3,000PB of storage under management worldwide

Full support for the purchase, configuration, protection and management of your data

Protection from ransomware impact

Our backup services draw on the latest data protection technologies. For example, we can create a secure vault of critical data that is isolated from ransomware yet accessible to the business. Take advantage of a range of attractive storage and backup pricing options. Our predictable support costs include nondisruptive hardware refreshes and upgrades — with no increase year over year.


Data Platform

Enable anytime, anywhere access to data with comprehensive enterprise data protection

Managed storage

Maximise efficiency and cut costs of new or existing storage to enable modernisation.

Customer story

DreamWorks Animation

One of the world’s best-known animation studios scaled compute power and storage.

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