SAP recently elevated its portfolio with RISE, a bundle of assets that offer customers “business-transformation-as-a-service.” Rise with SAP aims to simplify the process for adopting automation and digital services by bringing together existing SAP solutions including SAP S/4HANA in the cloud.

As a global partner with SAP, DXC Technology has been working closely with SAP on the RISE initiative. We see RISE with SAP as a key step ahead, and we’ve been laying the foundation with our SAP customers. RISE recognises that innovating across business processes and collaborating across networks is fundamental to survival. “Business as usual” means being able to adapt to constant business and technology changes.

The ability to pivot at short notice and carry out business through digital channels are hallmarks of intelligent enterprises. They are crucial attributes of companies that trade successfully through disruption. In an increasingly global economy, flexible and transparent supply chains and automated production processes are critical to maintaining business equilibrium. Every organisation has a unique starting point and path forward. Some companies are already digitally native but need solutions to scale and grow. Others have complex on-premises systems and are grappling with ERP architectures and custom applications that carry higher costs and hamper innovation.

Every type of business needs to identify a fast and effective path to achieving its digital goals — and avoid business inertia. At a time when global disruptions impact national and international borders, multi-year transformation initiatives don’t necessarily make sense. Agility is essential.

Key components of RISE

DXC works with companies across all industries to help them get the most from SAP applications while transforming the business, and RISE with SAP offers a simple commercial construct for enabling a modern digital platform. Deployment options include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, SAP data centers or customer-owned data center. Components include:

  • The intelligent suite at the heart of this strategy — with SAP S/4HANA Cloud handling all core processes.
  • The industry cloud delivers innovative applications for your specific industry and vertical.
  • Unified business process intelligence and cross-application analytics delivers new dimensions of real-time and predictive data insight and foresight to steer the business.
  • Underlying it all is the business technology platform delivering a uniform master data layer, cloud-based integration into SAP and non-SAP solutions, and extension capabilities that allow your company to innovate faster and stay lifecycle-compliant on top of its core applications.

Build stronger collaboration networks

Another key aspect of RISE with SAP is the use of business networks to enable seamless collaboration with trading partners to drive connected processes and experiences:

  • Asset Intelligence Network, an alliance of asset operators, manufacturers and suppliers. It enables information sharing about equipment, assets, maintenance and spare parts to focus on continuous best practice asset management.
  • Logistics Business Network, which helps organisations work in closely with freight forwarders and carriers to better plan, manage and execute all the logistics and transportation processes critical to robust supply chain and customer delivery service levels.
  • SAP Global Procurement Network, which helps procurement and supply chain managers control spending across all channels and payment methods.

These networks give organisations improved global reach, increased supply chain reliability and greater resilience — at a time when business continuity and resilience are top priorities.

DXC is partnering with SAP on implementing RISE with DXC providing advisory, implementation and application management services, and SAP providing software, support, infrastructure management and technical managed services.

One DXC customer, a major European health service provider, is using the cloud-based platform to scale operations from a few hundred employees to 4,000+ over the next 3 years.

RISE is an exciting development for SAP. We’re already collaborating across SAP’s business networks and we’re encouraging our customers to take advantage of early access. 

About the Authors

Doug Whiting is SAP S/4HANA global offerings lead, DXC Technology

Adam Sawley is SAP consulting general manager, Australia and New Zealand