DXC Digital Support Services

Provide a digital-first support experience to efficiently resolve issues and help employees work without disruption.

Support services for wherever work gets done

With more people working remotely, businesses are experiencing an increased demand for IT support — driving up costs and requiring considerable time and resources. More support interactions also mean more downtime while employees await resolution. To provide a better employee experience and give employees the timely help they need, at an optimal cost, you need to continuously improve IT support services.

Personalised support experience

DXC Digital Support Services empower employees with a consumer-like, personalised experience to resolve issues quickly and get more work done. Employees can select the IT support option best-suited to their needs, using digital support tools that are underpinned by automation and analytics to reduce manual processes. This turns support services into an important driver that fuels business growth, rather than a high-priced cost center.

43%+ contacts supported digitally

80% of interactions resolved on first contact

More than 35 million support interactions annually in 56 languages

Focus on work, not IT

Employees easily and intuitively engage with IT support, whether they are leveraging one of DXC’s 300 walk-in centres, video kiosks, IT vending lockers and machines, or virtual agents.

To help employees work without disruption, we provide predictive and proactive analytics that resolve issues before productivity is compromised.

We help you reduce the overall cost of workplace support and empower your employees to focus on their work, not IT support.


Digital support

Provide a seamless experience to address IT issues quickly through a variety of support capabilities with a modern, digital-first service desk.

Site support

Enjoy face-to-face, personalised support with technical experts. We provide services onsite and across virtual and mobile channels, including depot services, self-service IT lockers and vending machines.

XLA user experience

Transform and optimise the employee experience leveraging experience performance indicators and workforce research that provides actionable insights and enables user-centric design to drive adoption.

Customer story

Global manufacturing firm

Manufacturer deployed chatbot to address influx of IT service desk calls for newly remote workers.

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Put the employee at the centre of your corporate culture

A key part of the process is removing the friction staff may experience with technology, so make sure that all your employees’ interactions with IT are easy and fast.

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