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Make the transformation to sustainable mobility. Our mission is to design and co-create products and services that empower you to get there.

DXC Technology, empowers customers worldwide to drive competitive advantage and navigate change. With expertise spanning autonomous drive, connected mobility, digital cockpit, UX, and testing and validation, DXC helps automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and key partners accelerate the shared, personal, connected and intelligent mobility of the future.

We work with our customers to support your transformation to become innovative digital businesses at the convergence of AI, autonomous mobility, connected infrastructure and digitisation.

We design and co-create products and services that help automotive companies make the transformation to sustainable mobility.

Rethinking digital platforms as change agents in a software-defined world

This new paper from DXC Leading Edge examines the new role of digital platforms as conduits for high-velocity innovation. Included are perspectives on how platform thinking will transform the automotive sector.

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Analytics and Engineering

Vantage Power

A technology maker accelerated time-to-market by 6 months with DXC Luxoft product design.

Addressing the autonomous vehicle data problem

A global automotive manufacturer tackles the autonomous mobility data problem for self-driving cars with DXC data engineering, analytics and machine learning.

Services and offerings

Analytics and Engineering

Improve competitiveness and profitability with enterprise data architecture and software engineering.

Data and Analytics

Decrease manufacturing and R&D costs, improve algorithmic performance by 50% for high volume data ingestion and analysis. Accelerate time to market for connected autonomous mobility.

cover image of autonomous driving anonymization paper

How anonymization can solve autonomous driving data privacy challenges

As autonomous vehicles are tested on public roads, they capture massive amounts of data, including facial features and license plates. Anonymization technology helps ensure data privacy. (6 minute read)

How smart pricing analytics help OEMs compete in the spare parts business

The spare parts business is a vital component of OEM revenue. To stay current and competitive, automakers need to adopt smart pricing systems to gain insights and agility.

Racing to build autonomous cars

Automakers and tech firms are competing to be the first to develop fully autonomous vehicles. But the industry faces complex automotive and computing challenges as it defines the future of mobility.