DXC Platform X™

Accelerate your journey to resilient, self-healing IT across your entire IT estate with data-driven intelligent automation to achieve “silent operations.”

DXC Platform X™ is our data-driven intelligent automation platform that enables customers to accelerate their journey to resilient, self-healing IT across their entire IT estate. The platform empowers IT teams to detect and resolve issues quickly, and automatically predict and prevent future problems before they happen.

Systems achieve a state of “silent operations,” putting IT operations from top of mind to out of mind, saving time and money and enabling IT to focus on what’s most important: the business.

DXC Technology Expands Global Partnership with Dynatrace

DXC Platform X is continually evolving by partnering with best-in-class solution providers to enhance capabilities and innovation for our customers.

Dynatrace has been recognised as a preferred observability partner for DXC Platform X.

DXC Platform X at work

Prevent up to 15% of mission-critical system outages, avoiding costly business disruptions


Reduce incident volume by up to 30%, enabling laser focus on the real problems


Automatically diagnose or resolve up to 75% of incidents without human intervention


Decrease mean time to resolution by eliminating manual effort



DXC Platform X has one of the largest instances of ServiceNow globally

ServiceNow has been recognised as a preferred workflow partner for DXC Platform X.

DXC named as a Leader in ServiceNow Services by Everest Group®

DXC Platform X was noted as a strength and investment accelerator.

“DXC Platform X provides the ability to deliver immediate benefits through automation and meet customer requirements for a future operating model.”

John Laherty
Senior Research Analyst, Cognitive & Self-Healing IT Infrastructure Management Services, NelsonHall



Automate and optimise workflows and processes to accelerate enterprise transformation with DXC and ServiceNow.


Simplify cloud complexity with the Dynatrace software intelligence plaform's advanced observability, AI and complete automation.


Modernise, accelerate migrations and create cloud value with DXC and AWS.


Modernise for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results with DXC and Microsoft.