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What is Cloud Right?

Executives are rethinking their businesses and the technologies that underpin them. Cloud is changing the way they accomplish existing and emerging business objectives. Dramatic shifts in the competitive landscape require organisations to quickly adapt, measurably improve customer experience, and reduce operational costs and complexity, while meeting growing security and compliance challenges.

New approaches to IT applications and infrastructure, centred around cloud computing, can unlock high performance. Success requires a Cloud Right™ approach — working across all environments and thoughtfully modernising, optimising and integrating clouds and on-premises IT with applications, security and analytics.

This requires new skills and capabilities across hybrid environments, enhancing IT operating models and, most importantly, making the right technology investments at the right time and on the right platforms.

Achieving 3X value with Cloud Right

Many organisations have failed to realise the full value of modernisation, migrating with a cloud-only, lift-and-shift approach and ignoring the need to modernise applications and fully integrate with existing IT.

Using real data garnered from DXC’s modernisation factory services, we analysed more than 500 DXC enterprise customers from a mix of industries and regions. Lift-and-shift strategies, which move workloads and applications to cloud regardless of cost, were contrasted with those who undertook Cloud Right across a modernised hybrid environment.

The value of doing Cloud Right

average TCO improvement with lift-and-shift to cloud
average TCO improvement with application and hybrid IT modernisation
average reduction in carbon emission with Cloud Right

Some companies that lifted and shifted applications onto a new cloud platform with little modernisation achieved little to no benefit. On average, these companies experienced a 12 percent improvement in the total cost of ownership (TCO).

However, when DXC modernised existing systems with cloud or hybrid IT,  customers on average achieved 34 percent improvement in TCO — DXC’s Cloud Right approach resulted in nearly triple the savings impact.

Further, the analysis showed that Cloud Right has a major impact on supporting sustainability goals, reducing CO2 emissions by 37 percent compared to on-premises estates.

The right approach for you

Struggles with a cloud-first or cloud-only approach are often rooted in poor strategy or execution, not due to technical performance. Cloud is a tool, not a destination: If you apply the wrong set of tools to a task, poor outcomes are inevitable. For example, if you put a CAPEX service on an OPEX platform, the economics often do not add up.

DXC’s Cloud Right approach carefully assesses the strategic, operational, financial and technical realities of the entire IT estate and provides an integrated vision for the future enterprise.

This lays the technology foundation for success, enabling a secure, technically appropriate and cost-effective hybrid platform for solving immediate and long-term business problems.

Cloud Right puts sustainable business results first, ahead of shiny technology implementations, and reduces emerging complexity that could increase costs and undermine the agility needed in today’s dynamic business landscape.

The right partner

Teaming up with the right partner is key. Choosing the partner with the right experience, skills and expertise can help you shorten the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes, which could mean the difference between achieving returns on your technology investment and accumulating more technology debt.

The right partner will have a proven track record of running and transforming the full array of technologies, and that partner will focus on your business outcomes rather than on technical minutiae. Selecting the correct partner for you can help you deliver a high-quality, reliable experience to customers, employees and other stakeholders by leveraging hybrid resources that fuse cloud and existing IT infrastructure. This is the key to ensuring an effective transition to a future that is agile, responsive and — most importantly — competitive.

The right partner for your needs will thoroughly understand your current IT estate and the barriers to its modernisation and transformation. This comes only through deep operational experience. A true partner must be held accountable for maintaining a stable and secure transition and must ensure end-to-end IT performance that integrates modern and legacy systems so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Services and data must remain secure by design in today’s highly sophisticated threat landscape.

With the right partner, business leaders can execute a cloud strategy that unlocks the full benefits of cost optimisation, accelerated innovation, customer satisfaction and revenue growth. DXC customers see this success occurring every day.

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