Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity is reflected in our inclusive environment that embraces many cultures, backgrounds, values and ideas offered by our global workforce.

DXC Technology is truly a global company: Our employees live in more than 70 countries, speak multiple languages and work with customers on almost every continent.

We believe in equality. Our inclusive culture powers our results, and together, we drive the world's most innovative technology.

We are proud of our inclusive and diverse culture.

Our inclusion and diversity mission

At DXC, we harness the unique contributions of our people to give us our edge. We value every idea and the person behind it. Our inclusive culture powers our results, and the company grows only if our people grow.

We believe in equality, and our position as a global technology leader allows us to serve diverse customers and play a leadership role in the communities we serve. Together, we drive the world’s most innovative technology.

Top 5 reasons why inclusion and diversity matter to us:

  • Drives business: We can more effectively build products for and market to consumers from diverse backgrounds when we, ourselves, are diverse.
  • Fuels innovation: Invention is the by-product of an inclusive, diverse workplace. Behind every one of our ideas is a team of people that examines challenges from every possible angle.
  • Importance to our customers: As a supplier we must demonstrate our actions and commitment to responsible inclusion and diversity practices to retain our customers and win their support.
  • Attracts and retains the best employees: When our internal population reflects the external population, we can bring in the best talent available worldwide. Businesses that foster inclusive workplaces see lower turnover rates than those that do not value a diverse workforce.
  • Improves the communities we work and live in: We apply our talent, technology, and partnerships to improve communities and drive positive social change around the world.

Our commitment to diversity

DXC Technology is committed to a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. We embrace diversity not only because it is the right thing to do for our people, but because it is good for business. Diversity is at the core of our ability to serve our customers and shareholders, and it strengthens our reputation as the employer of choice in the IT industry and beyond.

Individual differences create a dynamic workplace at DXC. To deliver the best solutions to our customers, we harness the energy, creativity, talent and insights of our diverse global workforce. Our strength lies in valuing differences, encouraging input from all perspectives and uniting teams around common goals. 

We encourage our employees to embrace their identities and the diverse cultures represented by their colleagues, customers and local communities.

As with all DXC’s business practices, we want our diversity and inclusion initiatives to be as transparent as possible. Awareness and engagement benefits everyone – our customers, our current and prospective employees, and the broader business community. Creating an inclusive and enriching environment that attracts and retains the best people is a team effort.