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Develop and modernize apps to accelerate your business

Modern applications accelerate your transition to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise. DXC is your trusted partner to help you improve business outcomes through rapid development, modernization and management of cloud-native and custom applications. Our cloud strategy and migration experts partner with leading cloud providers to simplify, integrate and deliver applications on any platform.

End-to-end application management

Our Modernized Apps and DevOps services manage your end-to-end enterprise application estate using the latest techniques in DevOps and core Agile development, including microservices and APIs. Cut application costs up to 40% and get more out of your data by leveraging our support and advanced analytics, including cognitive automation and machine learning. We harness significant volumes of mission-critical data at speed, and our proprietary AI and machine learning models extract meaning from these large, complex data sets.


Increase agility and resiliency

Enable digital innovation, faster business processes and an optimized user experience through out-of-the-box integration with cloud applications, analytics and internet of things (IoT) technologies. We help you achieve a NoOps, zero-incident enterprise, increasing operational resiliency and business agility.

86,000 world-wide professionals with application skills, including 41,000 experts in custom and enterprise apps

40% reduction in application costs through automation

27,000+ workloads migrated to the cloud annually

Recognized as a “Leader” in Agile development and DevOps services


Integration services
Integration services

Create and manage application programming interfaces (APIs) and application and business process integration capabilities to build successful and agile business operations.

Application management
Application management

Achieve a NoOps, zero-incident enterprise with our transformative enterprise application management services. We leverage intelligent automation through DXC Platform X™ to reduce costs and risks and optimize user experiences.

Digital design and development
Digital design and development

Accelerate your business process outcomes through rapid development of Agile cloud-native applications, custom applications, microservices/APIs and software engineering. We help you implement Agile, DevOps and DevSecOps principles.

Mainframe modernization
Mainframe modernization

Rapidly migrate mainframe and legacy applications to distributed and cloud environments, providing an end-to-end framework for planning and executing successful transformations.

DevOps services
DevOps services

Drive better collaboration between enterprise applications delivery and IT operations teams. We focus on people, process and technology, and apply Lean principles and automation to achieve the best results. We coordinate our efforts with experienced DXC applications development and testing-as-a-service (TaaS) professionals.

Intelligent automation and RPA
Intelligent automation and RPA

Leverage analytics and artificial intelligence, Lean processes and leading automation capabilities to produce greater insight, speed and efficiency — and deliver better business outcomes.

Customer stories


PKO Bank Polski

The Polish Bank is rolling out updates to the mobile app that allow single-click purchasing and contactless payments.

Public Sector

Government of Flanders

Flanders government rapidly responds to national health crisis with new apps and support services



DXC helped energy firm Uniper modernize with a wide array of services including cloud and security services, workplace services, application management and robotic process automation.


The road to automated applications management

The road to automated applications management

Error-prone manual application management processes are perfect candidates for automation.
Design thinking

Adopt design thinking for innovation and transformation

Empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. These are the foundations of design thinking, which is meant to deliver solutions that answer hidden or unknown customer or business needs.
Overcoming common mistakes in DevOps, agile and application modernization

Overcoming common mistakes in DevOps, agile and app modernization

A short list of what we see as the most problematic “anti-patterns” of application modernization and transformation.

Partners and key collaborators

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Dell Boomi