DXC Assure for Reinsurance

Increase speed to market, create value-added solutions and manage costs with our modular, integrated, cloud-enabled, digital solution for traditional reinsurance administration and beyond.

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Changing industry dynamics are leading reinsurers to adapt their business models. DXC Assure for Reinsurance, an integrated solution built on the open DXC Assure Digital Platform, helps you compete more effectively in the global market, improve risk analysis and decision making, and streamline operations. The modular, flexible, scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution integrates existing technology through DXC’s comprehensive application programming interface (API) framework and provides a gateway to a unique ecosystem of partners and insurtech innovation. Components cover products, new business, policy, claims and billing.

Deliver a distinctive and compelling digital customer experience, reduce costs, increase efficiency and bring products to market faster.

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DXC Assure for Reinsurance, a modular solution built on the open DXC Assure Digital Platform, enables you to select what you need now and expand later. DXC Assure components are:

  • DXC Assure Product
  • DXC Assure New Business
  • DXC Assure Policy
  • DXC Assure Claims
  • DXC Assure Billing

“Digital transformation is critical to the continued success of Swiss Re.”

Sven Scandella

Head of Property and Casualty Business Management IT, Swiss Re



DXC IT modernization and SICS reinsurance software helped WAICA Re enhance its core IT infrastructure, data analytics, and customer service to keep pace with growth.


Swiss Re

Swiss Re improved business processes and customer satisfaction with DXC SICS reinsurance software, application services, digital transformation and automation.


Wilton Re

Wilton Re relies on DXC’s technical expertise and full technology suite to administer insurance policies on an ongoing basis.

Transformational execution is key to success for insurers

Digital transformation offers tremendous opportunities for insurers to boost their penetration rates and increase profits.

Improving efficacy of AI models during times of business disruption

As machine and deep learning techniques evolve, two promising approaches are reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning.

How BPS frameworks help insurers modernize and improve the customer experience

Shifting open- and closed-block processing to business process services frees insurers to focus on new ideas and markets.

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